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Grassroots high hand mountain square than "dance" 2013-06-19


The picture is more than the "dance" scene. Street dance, jazz dance, mechanical dance... Last night, in the passionate music, Zhongshan Square ushered in the second game of the 2013 “Natural Stage” and “Dancing the City” Pop Dance Competition. “Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and showing their magical powers”, it shows a vibrant dance and a passionate spirit. Less than 5 pm yesterday, the staff was busy at the scene, debugging audio, lighting, on-site lottery, walking. The organizer of the competition and the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Cultural Center introduced that this competition has become the general mobilization of the city's popular dance lovers. There are more than 100 popular dance "masters" of 24 teams participating in the dance studios from the city. On university campuses, even primary schools and kindergartens, the minimum participants are only 5 years old. "They are divided into 12 groups of two-two PK, in addition to fighting strength, but also to fight luck, if there is a strong confrontation, the game is very exciting." Last night, from the Ningbo "Wu Shang Street Dance" 23-year-old dance teacher Yang Jun in the first In a group, the mechanical dance, which is sometimes cheerful and sometimes strong, shows extraordinary strength. The young man with 5 years of experience in dance shows that more than 500 children in his training institution are learning hip-hop, the smallest is not yet. By the age of 4, "Dancing can not only correct body shape, exercise will, but also cultivate a positive attitude towards life, and benefit from it." "GT·Rota-tion" consisting of 7 high school students from Ningbo Vocational Education Center The combination practice dance has been for 1 year. The first time last night was very comfortable. The team member Han Yeben said: "We participated in the dance club of the school. We usually use the time after school to practice, and the physical quality is obviously improved. The stage experience is very happy.” The “Star Dance Baby” combination composed of 11 kindergarten children is very cute, they wear clear Court dress interpretation of jazz although somewhat immature, but it is rhythmic, meticulous. The team leader said: "They are selected from more than 200 children who learn to dance. Everyone has their own good play. Compared with the youngest contestant, 6-year-old Lebi, who has been learning dance for 3 years, her The Chinese dance is very good. The children will be happy and will practice very seriously every day.” Mr. Zhang, who lives near Zhongshan Square, has been standing in the audience watching the game. He said: “I like it every night after dinner. Zhongshan Square walks away, such a good environment, not only can be leisure, but also can watch a variety of performances, killing two birds!" It is reported that by the 23rd, Zhongshan Square will be a good show every night. The specific arrangement is: Tonight, "I want to go to the stage", the talent show of the people shows the second game; on the 20th, "find the good ceremonies" in the final of the Ningbo Master of Ceremony; on the 21st, Zhoushan culture walked the pro; on the 22nd, the "best partner" The final; on the 23rd, the "Dancing the City" popular dance contest finals.