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Ningbo Youth Film Festival feels "not the same" movie 2013-06-21


On June 16th, Ningbo Huadu Baihua Hall burst into laughter from time to time. It was hosted by China Ningbo Network and hosted by Ningbo University Media Alliance. The “Ningbo Youth Film Festival”, which was supported by China Life Ningbo Branch, was opened here, premiered. The film "Some people praise smart, some people do not" is even more praised by the audience. Ningbo and the film have always had a close relationship. Yuan Muzhi, Zhang Shichuan, Shaw Brothers... In the 100-year history of Chinese film, Ningbo filmmakers have an important place. Today, more and more young filmmakers are inheriting and innovating this film culture. The “Ningbo Youth Film Festival” aims to bring together and match high-quality film resources and young filmmakers to build a platform for sharing and sharing. Promote the close integration and interactive development of film and life, film and urban civilization. And create more dynamic and positive film art experience activities to enrich the local film culture environment. The film festival includes theater theme unit screenings, director exchange meetings, fan sharing sessions, college special screenings, cafe film salons and more. There are five theme units: Chinese New Films - the beginning and the end of life; the new power of micro-films - angiography youth; Asian vision - HAFF selection; record China - Spring Festival and Wenchuan earthquake pain; NIFF Concerns - the graduation season. The film festival selects the source according to the theme. A screening will usually select 3-4 short films or 2 feature films for a total of 2 hours. The theater theme screening venue is located in Ningbo Shadow City. The theme unit of the graduation season will set up screenings in universities such as Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology, and Zhejiang Wanli College. In addition, Benjamin Coffee, Never Island Coffee, City Gate Music House and other three local movie themed coffee bars and music bars in Ningbo set up off-site screening points. These locations hold regular screenings and exchanges on a daily basis, with good projection equipment and a movie-watching atmosphere.