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Cangzhou: 4 typical practices to promote the optimal allocation of cultural resources 2013-06-21


In May and June of this year, the Museum Day was linked to the Cultural Heritage Day. As a “hometown of Chinese museum culture”, many museums have launched various special events. The Museum of Ceramic Culture will be on the campus, and there will be special lectures and root carvings in the Gaoqiao Home Museum. The stone sculpture museum of the Lijiang River will be opened. The Zilinfang Art Museum will not only display new products on the exhibition, but also special exhibition halls. , rich display content. After the construction of the private museum, the focus is on sustainable development, improving internal strength and improving quality. The investment construction model represented by the construction of the private museum group is the four typical social forces in our district to participate in public cultural services. One of the practices. In July 2008, our district took the lead in the province's "Opinions on Encouraging the Development of Private Museums" and related implementation of the Interim Measures, which greatly promoted the development of private museums. As of the end of last year, there were 36 museums under construction (under construction and preparation) in our district, including 23 private museums. It has initially formed a special museum as the main body, supported by the state-run museum, supplemented by private museums, and non-legacy. Museums and art museums are on a par with each other. Among them, clothing, Zhujin lacquer wood carving, straw weaving, folk houses and other museums show almost the most distinctive local culture in Ganzhou and even Ningbo. The other three typical practices are: the operation type represented by the “Daily Performance” Cultural Huimin Project, the facility operation type represented by the market-based custody of public cultural facilities, and the community service type represented by the grassroots amateur culture team. Since its implementation in 2009, the “Daily Performance” Cultural Huimin Project has held 3,48 performances and 3.8 million visitors, making it a veritable “cultural feast” at the doorstep of the masses. It is worth mentioning that the service outsourcing operation mode of “government procurement, company operation, and universal enjoyment” explored by “Daily Performance” has improved the discourse power and bargaining power of the performance market through the operation of professional cultural enterprises, which not only reduces the direct Procurement costs also reduce grassroots self-purchasing and indirect costs due to information asymmetry. Since 2003, our district has begun to explore the market operation and management model of the separation of “ownership” and “management rights” of public cultural facilities, and entrusted the built-up district culture and art centers and district gymnasiums with public bidding for the whole country. Management, integration of various resources, reduced management costs, improved management and service efficiency. In recent years, the development of grassroots amateur culture team has also become a highlight of the mass culture of Zhangzhou. At present, the region has more than 700 amateur teams and more than 20,000 team members. Under the support of various channels and measures such as government financial support, training enhancement, platform construction, and quality cultivation, these teams are working from self-entertainment. The transformation of self-learning into "entertaining entertainers" has been sent to the city many times, and it has been sent to the villages and communities through "everyday performances". The "Xianlian Liangzhu" performed by Xianxiang’s cabinet, the 100-meter long dragon of Henghai Town’s Donghai Changlong, the Beijing-Song Yangge of the Songhe Bridge Community Yangge Street of Zhonghe Street, and other national-level awards show the amateur team. Good strength.