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Ningbo Museum launches “Volunteer Miles” 2013-06-25


A few days ago, eight outstanding volunteer representatives from the Ningbo Museum went to Xi'an to participate in the seventh meeting of the first executive council of the Volunteer Committee of the China Museum Association. This is also the opening of the “Volunteer Miles” activity of the Ningbo Museum. In the future, the Ningbo Museum will randomly select volunteers to conduct inter-provincial study and exchanges to help volunteers broaden their horizons and improve the quality of their services. Eight volunteer representatives exchanged ideas with local volunteers in Xi'an. The two sides also held talks and shared their service experiences. Ningbo volunteer representative Cheng Jingjing is the longest volunteer in Ningbo. She said that volunteering at the Ningbo Museum inspires her curiosity and doing what she likes is a pleasure. At present, there are 680 social volunteers in the Ningbo Museum, including lectures, paperwork, photography and exhibition hall services, and nearly 2,000 mobile college volunteers each year. Every September, the Ningbo Museum recruits volunteers for the whole society and conducts training for three months.