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San Xitang's collection of books settled at the Ningbo Ningbo Book Culture Forum 2013-06-27


The well-known domestic high-end collection of the famous brand - San Xitang collection, is coming to Ningbo. The reporter was informed yesterday that the “Sanxitang Collection Ningbo Store”, jointly created by Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore and Beijing Sanxitang Collection, will open on the fourth floor of the Ningbo Book City Center Store on the 28th. At the same time, the first Ningbo Book Collection Culture Forum will also be officially unveiled. As a famous high-end collection of books in China, “San Xitang Collection” is named after the Emperor Qianlong’s study “San Xi Tang”. According to the relevant person in charge, San Xitang's collection always adheres to the spirit of Chinese classical culture and inherits the tradition of high-end art collection. “High-end, high-quality, rare, and valuable is its main feature.” This time, it cooperated with Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore to create “in-store”. The store is intended to create high-quality cultural products and realize the beauty of people and books. It is worth mentioning that Ningbo, a culturally rich city, has seen a large number of famous books. Among them, the most representative of the first push Tianyi Pavilion. When Emperor Qianlong’s squatting and compiling the Sikuquanshu, Fan Qin’s VIII Sun Fanzhuzhu had contributed 638 kinds of rare books. This time, the original Da Ying Yin Wen Yuan Ge "Si Ku Quan Shu" will also be unveiled in Ningbo Book City, revealing the mystery. This is the first time since the completion of the "Siku Quanshu" of Wenyuan Pavilion in the forty-six years of Emperor Qianlong (1781), it was first photocopied according to the original book layout and specifications.