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Liang Zhu non-genetic inheritance 2013-06-27


Lectures, music, dance, and instrumental music are combined. A few days ago, in the exhibition of the results of the district intangible cultural heritage teaching and inheritance base held in the Central Hall of the District Cultural and Art Center, the story of the Gaoqiao Town Central Primary School students’ performances, The Legend of the Colorful Butterfly, gave the audience a scene. A refreshing auditory and visual feast. In recent years, Gaoqiao Town Central Primary School has excavated the unique natural beauty, artistic beauty and human beauty of Liangzhu Culture, and carried out four major content-themed activities of “Reading Liang Zhu, Performing Liang Zhu, Painting Liang Zhu and Discussing Liang Zhu”, and transforming Liang Zhu culture and new curriculum reform. The campus construction and campus activities were combined to form the Liangzhu Culture Society, Liang Zhuxiao Tour Guide, Liang Zhu Copper Tube Band, Choi Fei Fei Fei Yue Drama Club, Liang Zhu Literature Society, Liang Zhuhong Scarf Club and other nearly 10 campuses. ", the "Liang Zhu" community has become a brand feature column. Through more than six years of education and teaching exploration, Liang Zhu culture inheritance work has produced many fruits in the school: the school has developed the first Liangzhu culture reading book in China, which is aimed at the primary and middle school students, and has won the outstanding Liangzhu culture of Zhejiang Province. The first prize of the textbook, the first prize of the excellent school-based textbook in Ningbo; the school established the first national cultural heritage website in China - the Liangzhu culture inheritance network; the teaching achievements of Liang Zhu legend have won the first-class comprehensive practical activities of the national comprehensive practice activities. Awards, excellent quality courses for compulsory education in Zhejiang Province, second prize for outstanding achievements in education and scientific research planning in Ningbo, and second prize for outstanding achievements in teaching of excellent basic education in Ningbo.