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City Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Group created a row of "hydrangea" to meet the audience next month 2013-06-28


"The Hydrangea" is a subversion of the traditional opera "Red Dragon Horse". The audience can see the familiar characters such as Wang Baozhen and Xue Pinggui, but can the true love of Wang Baozhen's heart be a happy ending? Is Xue Pinggui worth it? She is waiting for the true love man? "The Hydrangea" abandoned the original reunion, adopting an open ending, more suitable for the aesthetics of modern people." Yesterday, in the city Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Group's new creation of the Yue opera "Hypothesis" rehearsal Field, director Han Jianying introduced the reporter to the reporter. "Xianqiu Ji" has a strong lineup. The general director Han Jianying has won the National "Five One" Project Award, the National Stage Art Excellence Project Nomination Award, the Wenhua Award, etc., and directed the Taiwanese opera "Shao Jianghai", the tin drama "Jiangnan Yu", and the drama. "Wang Maosheng into the wine" and many other large-scale repertoire. In 2010, Han Jianying won the gold medal of the 2nd China Yue Opera Festival for the "Smoke Rain Celadon" directed by Xiaobaihua. The lighting design of the drama was performed by Zhou Zhengping, a national first-class dance lighting designer who designed lighting for "Smog Celadon" and "Ahn". The design of the drama is Chen Hao. He has won the 7th China Theatre Festival Excellent Singing Design Award and the 9th Zhejiang Theater Festival Aria Design Award. The actor of "The Hydrangea" basically continued the team of "Yanyu Celadon". Xu Xiaofei, the Yuanpai descendant of Fang Chengfang, played Wang Baozhen, Xue Pinggui was played by Yin Pai Xiaosheng Yang Weiwen, and Zhang Paisheng Li Danhong played Wang Yun's father Wang Yun. "Hydrangea" will be rehearsed on June 30th and will be held at the Ningbo Grand Theatre from July 27th to 28th. Source: Ningbo Evening News Date: 2013-6-28 Author: Xie Jing Mei Wei / Zhao Wen Hu Long / photo yesterday, Ningbo Yue Opera Troupe of small flowers create a new row of Shaoxing opera "Hydrangea mind" rehearsal in a small theater in Ningbo Foreign Affairs School, The stage looks simple and simple. In the words of the general director Han Jianying, "The whole scene is more than a dozen chairs and eighteen hydrangeas." It is reported that the drama will meet the audience at the Ningbo Grand Theatre at the end of July. Will also participate in the 12th Zhejiang Theater Festival. The story of Wang Baozhen and Xue Pinggui is no stranger to many fans. Peking Opera, Huai Opera, Henan Opera and many other dramas have already interpreted this classic love story. Han Jianying said, "Other dramas interpret this play, almost all of them are happy endings." However, "The Hydrangea" has subverted the tradition and set an open ending. Wang Baochao waited for 18 years and embroidered a hydrangea every year. However, 18 years of sincere waiting, is it still the true man? Finally, will Wang Baozhen go with Xue Pinggui? "These should be left to the audience to think." In the eyes of Han Jianying, "This ending is more in line with the modern aesthetics." It is because of these big adaptations that "can make the audience recognize and accept, for us, It is also a challenge.” Han Jianying told reporters that it took three years for the creation of the script, and now it is also the draft of Sanyi. “It’s just to find a balance point.” “The Hydrangea” used the original class of “Yuyu Celadon”. Ren Ma, Yuan sent a descendant Xu Xiaofei starred in Wang Baozhen, Yin Pai Xiaosheng Yang Weiwen played Xue Pinggui, Zhang Pai Laosheng Li Danhong played Wang Baozhen's father Wang Yun. Han Jianying told reporters that the stage design of "The Hydrangea" is "simple, brisk, abstract, ethereal". "A dozen chairs and 18 hydrangeas hold up a play, not even a table." He said: "The whole drama is like a cup of faint green tea, which requires the audience to slowly produce." Han Jianying believes that the biggest highlight of "The Hydrangea" is emotion. "Maybe the audience has seen the love story of Wang Baozhen and Xue Pinggui, but this time, they will find that even if 'moving the knife', the whole drama can bring them to them."