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The film "Summer File" curtain opened more than 20 Chinese and foreign films in the "July" screen in July. 2013-07-01


The most popular movie summer file in the year was officially opened in July. In the same month, more than 20 Chinese and foreign films will be released, including cartoons, thrillers, kung fu movies and youth romance films. The children love to watch a lot of cartoons, China's first 3D animated film "Quinta Box Story" with miniature model real shot plus CG production technology will open the curtain of the July movie market. On the 18th, the 3D giant "Da Ming Xiao", which was fully released, wanted to create a domestic film special effects legend. It is an inspirational film. The "Flame Mountain Adventures" was released on the 19th, and the new film made a bold adaptation of the original. The Pig Eight Rings are more innocent than the previous version. "The Purcello 3 Movies" will also bring a "Care Animated Family Carnival" to children and parents during the holidays. Relying on the live-action version of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", "I Love Gray Wolf 2" was released on the 26th. The film was filmed in Singapore. The thriller was staged and staged. The first release was "Blind Detective", which was held by Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng 10 years later. It tells the story of the blind singer played by Andy Lau and the police co-operating by Sammi Cheng to detect the bizarre murder of Hong Kong girls. On the 5th, there will be a horror film "The Curse", starring Gui Lun's boyfriend Dai Liren. Then, the campus horror film "School Flower Different Events" was released, full of whimsy, unprecedented horror aesthetics and ingenious narrative structure. Then, the release of "Pen Xian 2" and "Model Phantom of Shadows", the former tells a story of youthful thriller that happened on the university campus. The latter told a group of underwear models during the preparation of the national model contest, suffered a collapse of the T platform, strange death, and strange A series of bizarre events such as ancient houses. The "Resentful Puppet" starring Wang Dongcheng and Zhou Qiqi talked about the reunion of the five people in college. I did not expect that the happy class reunion turned into a strange killing game. The Chinese martial arts film "Tai Chi" starring Chen Hu and Karen Mok is the first film directed by a Western actor but with Chinese as the first screening language; and then the release of "Kung Fu Man" and "Tai Chi" two movies The main lineup is similar, and the same is produced by Keanu. This month is also interspersed with several youth romance films. The domestic film "First Love is not full" tells the story of the bloody youth after the 80s, the male and female prostitutes are the biggest highlights; in the love inspirational film "Early See, Late Love", the joyful leader Cao Yunjin and the geeks Zhou Yumin play "grab the beauty", These finally gave the audience a breath in the thriller.