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"I want to go to the lecture hall" 2013-07-02


The fourth season of the "I want to go to the lecture hall" of the Tianyi Lecture Hall of the City Library has already started registration. "I want to go to the lecture hall" aims to select folk speakers to board the lecture hall and give the public an opportunity to turn from the ordinary audience to the main speaker. The event has been successfully held for three seasons, and 13 contestants have come to the fore and have successively boarded the platform of “Tianyi Lecture Hall”. At present, the “Four Going to the Lecture Hall” has already started to register for the fourth season. Interested citizens can log in to Ningbo Culture Network (www.nbwh.gov.cn) and Ningbo Library Network (www.nblib.cn). The “One Lecture Hall” column downloads the registration form, which is accurately filled out and sent to hmin@nb7000 in the form of an electronic manuscript. Net mailbox, or on-site registration after the end of the "Tianyi Lecture" lecture every Saturday afternoon.