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Dongqiao Middle School: Expanding Teaching Forms to Inherit Brick and Tile Art 2013-07-03


On June 26th, the first “I Love Brick Carving” competition and summer spring mud practice activities in Dongqiao Town opened in the town cultural center. The reporter saw at the scene that the works of this brick sculpture were provided by the brick carving enthusiasts of Dongqiao Town Middle School. The works exhibited included Peking Opera masks, terracotta warriors and horses, traditional Chinese dragons, ancient Fujian styles, and famous sayings. The aphorisms are brick carvings of the template. One piece of brick carving works is beautifully made, the shapes are different, and the characters are vivid. This summer, the town's brick-loving classmates will also carry out a series of creative activities with the theme of "I love hometown Dongqiao". The Dongqiao kiln has a long history and has a history of 1,200 years. The brick and tile production process and the ancient brick culture are inherited from generation to generation. In May 2010, the ancient brick burning skills were included in the Ningbo Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage List. In order to continue this excellent traditional culture in the new era, in 2011, Dongqiao Town Middle School opened the second classroom, brick carving teaching, which was widely welcomed by the students. Chen Cunlin, an art teacher at Dongqiao Middle School, said: "Want to combine our local characteristics and heritage culture, it can not only reflect the aesthetic taste of the students, but also enhance the students' ability to create and stimulate their creative desires." The school does not stick to the classroom form, regularly organizes students to go to Dongqiao Ancient Brick and Tile Factory for on-the-spot investigation, let students learn more about the firing process of ancient bricks, feel the atmosphere of ancient civilization, and invite old craftsmen to come to school. Give students on-the-spot explanations and guidance. It is reported that the school plans to set up an ancient brick and tile showroom to continuously deepen the teaching content through field study, classroom teaching and display, so as to inherit the brick carving teaching and ancient brick and tile culture.