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The opening ceremony of the first chorus contest in Ningbo City, the middle school students competed in the concert hall to sing art 2013-07-05


The picture shows the lens in the game. Yesterday afternoon, with the sound of a classic English song "Memory" from Haishu District Foreign Language School students, the first chorus contest of Ningbo City and the 2013 Ningbo Primary and Secondary School Chorus Competition kicked off and selected from more than 100 middle schools in the city. The 27 middle school combination singers competed in the Ningbo Concert Hall. Among the 27 teams participating in the competition, there are 6 in Beilun District, which is the largest of the participating teams. Lu Minghua, music teaching and researcher of Beilun District Education Bureau, said that every school in Beilun District has a chorus. In addition to perennial chorus training, it also advocates "class chorus", infiltrating chorus knowledge and skills in each music class. Wait for learning. Wu Xiaoyu, a new junior high school student from Changjiang Middle School in Beilun District, who has been participating in the chorus since the fourth grade of elementary school, said: "Every time I feel bad or learn to be nervous, I can’t help but sing a song. The mood is suddenly clear. Chorus makes me more passionate about music and more passionate about life.” Zhenhai Middle School sent a team of 40 people. The school’s chorus conductor Ding Wangfeng said that this time they started rehearsing the competition in April. "Hey" and "Vorta River" two songs, "In addition to intense study, students like to participate in various clubs, chorus training can let students relax, get artistic, and exercise collective collaboration skills. The reporter saw at the game site that the teams were uniformed, especially the girls’ dresses were very elegant, and they also had a lot of brains in the selection, formation and singing skills. Many schools have selected English songs, such as "Flying free" of Huiyuan Academy and "You'd better run" of Sanjiang Middle School. They are also sitting or standing in the shape of the singing team, or changing the formation at any time. To perform. The two detachments of the junior high school selected in this competition will participate in the finals of the first chorus competition in Ningbo in September. Chen Xiangwen, deputy director of the Zhejiang Choral Association, who has served as a judge of the Ningbo Elementary and Secondary School Chorus Competition, said: "The level of chorus chorus in Ningbo has improved significantly. Apart from the fact that individual teams are exposed because of tension, they are expressive in tone and sound. The aspects are all good, if you can work harder on the appeal of the work, it will be more perfect."