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Chen Dehong's art exhibition opens today 2013-07-06


Today, “Four Seasons Flower Rain – Chen Dehong Ningbo Exhibition” was opened at the Ningbo A 12 Comprehensive Art Museum (Lin House), and more than 80 works by Chen Dehong, the director of the Modern Folk Painting Art Committee of the city, were exhibited. Chen Dehong is the first generation of peasant painter in Fenghua. Fenghua peasant paintings, also known as modern folk paintings, originated in the 1950s. It is an authentic peasant who uses his hands to outline a folk figure with unique shapes, colorful colors and interesting tastes. Chen Dehong has been a folk artisan since childhood, and has gradually formed his own unique style of painting. His works draw on the traditional art of paper-cutting, embroidery, printing, stone carving and wood carving in the south of the Yangtze River. The style is exaggerated, the color is bright, the composition is full, and the rich local flavor is exuded. In addition to the peasant paintings recently created by Chen Dehong, there are also Chinese paintings. The exhibition will last for one month.