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The Education Museum receives the largest donation of cultural relics 2013-07-06


On the morning of July 4th, Mr. Guo Yongzhen’s educational heritage donation ceremony was held in Ningbo Lianyi Hotel. Guo Yongzhen, Cixi, chairman of Ningbo Jinluban Damu Zuo Garden Co., Ltd., one of the top ten collectors in Zhejiang contemporary. Recently, he donated 200 pieces of educational relics collected for more than 20 years to the Ningbo Education Museum under construction. This is by far the largest number of cultural relics received by the Ningbo Education Museum. The educational relics donated by Guo Yongzhen include rare books of ancient books, Fujian and Taiwan, pen holders, celebrity seals, etc. This is what he has collected over the past 20 years. It took more than 700,000 yuan to acquire these cultural relics. In Guo Yongzhen’s view, it is very meaningful to donate these cultural relics to the Ningbo Education Museum. “The cultural relics are placed in the museum for the people to visit, and it is also the value of the cultural relics.” It is reported that 109 kinds of 200 donated by Mr. Guo A piece of cultural relics, identified by the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, identified 194 of them as cultural relics. There are more than 50 kinds of cultural relics in the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties. At the donation ceremony, Zhang Minghua, deputy mayor of Ningbo, and Shen Jianguang, director of Ningbo Education Bureau, expressed sincere gratitude to Mr. Guo Yongzhen, because this was Mr. Guo’s many years of acquisition and he spent a lot of effort. They hope that more social sages who love education and attach importance to museum work can learn from Mr. Guo and contribute to the construction of the Ningbo Education Museum.