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Xue Xiaochan shares the feelings of life with the readers of Ningbo - the Zen in life is a beautiful life 2013-07-08


The text of Xue Xiaochan has been accompanied by many people through the youth years. Yesterday afternoon, the sixth "Lao She Literature Award" winner in the city library Tianyi lecture hall, sharing her life sentiment with Ningbo readers. The first time I came to Ningbo, Xue Xiaochan visited the Ningbo Art Museum, Tianyi Pavilion, Tianyi Square and other places. "I think there is no culture in a city, not how many squares it has, how many brands, Or how much GDP, but what its museums, art galleries, and libraries are, this is the cultural taste and cultural heritage of a city. The architecture of the Ningbo Art Museum combines Chinese culture perfectly, with China in its elegant The taste of ink painting. Ningbo is a city with a cultural atmosphere. If Ningbo is likened to silk, then she must be heavy silk, very heavy." The picture above shows Xue Xiaochan in Tianyi lecture hall. As a well-produced writer, Xue Xiaochan believes that a Zen-like life is higher than writing, above all else. "Zen is not a practice in a specific environment, but no matter how complicated the society is, no matter how chaotic the interpersonal relationship is, people must live down to the ground, live beautifully and ethereally." She believes that the writer is first and foremost a "mixed family". "Writers should be naturally sensitive to animals, plants, gardens, buildings, etc. Recently, I practiced calligraphy and painting at home. I hope that I am a writer and a living house with good poetry and calligraphy." In life, Xue Xiaochan also A lot of reading, "Zhang Ailing, Duras, Chen Danqing's book has had a great impact on me. Now I love to read the niche books, it is the absorption of many writers' nutrients, and then form my current style." Xue Xiaochan, who is diligent and hard-working, has published more than 40 novels and essays. Among them, a large number of texts are unique insights into youth. Her novel "Tattoo" is currently being filmed by Zhongying Company, and she is the screenwriter. "The 7 draft has been changed." "Tattoo" presents a fragrant smell and a painful touch that will evoke the best memories of everyone who once fell in love with youth." She also revealed that she likes Taiwanese actor Gui Lunmei to play the female in the film. The protagonist, "The temperament of Gui Lun Magnesium is very incompatible with the heroine's inferiority and introversion, and the caterpillars turn into butterflies."