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Beijing Museum volunteers come to tell the "Chinese Dream" 2013-07-08


Yesterday, as one of the activities of the Chinese Museum Volunteers, led by the Ningbo Museum, the “Charming Beijing·Hundred Games” event, which was attended by volunteers from various museums in Beijing, opened at the Ningbo Museum. Yesterday's six outstanding volunteers came from the Palace Museum, the National Museum, the Capital Museum, the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japan, the Prince Gong Palace, the Beijing Museum of Nature, etc. Some of them were retired old people, some were state-owned enterprise employees, and some were law firm partners. It is an old volunteer with a service period of more than five years. The oldest is 72 years old. Some of them have won the first place in the Volunteer Group of the National Museum Interpretation Competition, and some have won the top ten volunteers of the Chinese Museum, representing the overall level of volunteers in the Beijing area. The contents of Beijing volunteers range from bronze heavy to Qing dynasty, from Wangfu architecture to Beijing folklore, from the wonderful nature to the touching history of the war, which basically covers the types of different museums in Beijing. The museum volunteers in the two places also exchanged ideas and shared their experiences.