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Deliberately let the private theater company play the role of the old artist 2013-07-10


Wang Liping (left) instructs the actor to rehearse "Pull Orchid". Yesterday, the lost drama of the half-century of the drama, "The Orchid" was rehearsed in the Jiangshan troupe. The earliest "Tianlu girl" and the 76-year-old pipa old artist Wang Liping were invited as the instructors. She told reporters: "The orchid "Only the aria is left, this complete performance of the play I have not seen before." In addition to "Pull Orchid", there are 4 "Kang Wang Temple", "Double River" and "Waste" The small play was selected from the earliest "Sky Spring 72 Little Play" of the drama. Wu Xingkang, director of the Department of Culture and Art of the Institute of Culture and Art, told reporters that "the four plays are about half an hour, and they will form a performance of about two hours. If you are successful, you will participate in the Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival this year. Activities.” The beach spring is the early art form of the opera. Before the liberation, the “Sky Spring 72 Little Play” was quite popular. Among them, He Xianming and Xu Fengxian’s “Pull Orchid” vocals were recorded as records and tapes, and they entered thousands of households. However, it was gradually lost due to historical reasons. "Fortunately, there are still scripts left," said Wo Xingkang. "But the scripts are all oral books published in the 1960s. Some are not complete and need to be sorted out again." In this case, the Academy of Fine Arts specially invited Ningbo's first-generation pipa performer and Jin Xiaoyu, a teacher of 80 years old, to serve as artistic director. From the beginning of the script, try to restore the original appearance of the beach spring drama. "We also specially invited the second generation of old artists like Wang Liping and Quan Bishui to serve as directors of each drama and help the actors to carry out art processing." It is worth mentioning that this time the performance task was performed by Jiang Shanyu. The troupe, the Xia Ying troupe and other private theater groups. Speaking of the reason for handing over the rehearsal task to the private theater company, Wo Xingkang said, "Because it is a private theater company, the performance may still have some rustic style, which is more in line with the needs of the beach drama." He said: "We must retain the old taste of the swan-playing aria, but also enrich the original movements and performances, let the old audience feel the taste of that era, and let the new audience know that the original drama was So come over."