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The old towers of the Tianfeng Tower and the Chenghuang Temple are said to be from the Lao Lin of our community. 2013-07-11


The picture shows the scene when Lao Lin (middle) tells. Tianfeng Tower and Chenghuang Temple are the "old bases" of Ningbo people who are "cooked and can't be cooked again." I often climbed the tower and often visited the Chenghuang Temple. Have you heard the wind? Have you touched the ancient monument? Have you seen the 鸳鸯, the top of the chicken cage and the pygmy column? Know which god is enshrined in the temple? What are the 20 big characters on the wall? The day before yesterday, Haishu County Temple community specially invited community residents, 70-year-old Lin Yuzhen as a tour guide, led nearly 50 community young and old, visited Tianfeng Tower, Chenghuang Temple, and the two "most familiar strangers". Laolin is 71 years old this year, but it is a "literary madman" in the eyes of many people. For more than 30 years, he has been fascinated with the study of the Tianfeng Tower and the Chenghuang Temple. They have called for the protection of them, and have written a large number of research articles. The "Speaking of the County Temple" series is nearly 40,000 words. Last year, he was also developed into the first batch of folklore protectors by Haishu Wenbao. "Lao Lin is a treasure of our community!" Tang Shuji of the County Temple community said with a smile, the city temple is also called the county temple, the community is named after this. "Lao Lin has a stomach of the sake, every rivet in the city temple, Lao Lin can tell a source!" Summer vacation, the community started a summer music learning tour. Because the two buildings are in the jurisdiction, and there is a "ready-made tour guide", the theme is set to "reward local culture, learn cultural relics protection", aiming at attracting young people. Who knows that when the notice is sent out, not only the children, but also a group of middle-aged and elderly people responded positively. They all said that they would come to listen to the "story of the doorstep." The first stop is the tower. Lao Lin took nearly 50 young and old, and ran straight to the bottom of the tower. In the old saying of Ningbo, there is a "Tianfeng Tower of 18". Yu is a skillful person. However, when Lao Lin opened his mouth, he gave everyone a "department". "The eighteen grids are actually eighteen walls, and they are passed down by word of mouth. The gossip is passed down and passed." "Now the tower was rebuilt in 1989, but There are also real antiques on this side.” He pointed to Tasha and said that this was originally placed at the top of the tower. The raspberry is a relic of the Yuan Dynasty, and there is still a legend of "the wind-bound bead on the Tianfeng Tower." Into the Chenghuang Temple, Lao Lin first stopped in the mall hall, he pointed to the relief pattern of the 12 Zodiac on the floor, saying that this is the meaning of "round and full peace." After listening, the 61-year-old Wang Ayi came to the mood, stepped on the relief, and turned around the zodiac. The 67-year-old Xu Liping is a native of Ningbo. But for the Chenghuang Temple, she always has an "unsolved mystery" in her heart--the 20 characters written on the wall and on the wind-fire wall. What does it mean? "Good question!" Lin Yuzhen said, these are all 篆 characters, the front wall is written on the wall is "solid state people", the words on both sides of the wall are respectively 磐石常安, 四时咸若,金汤永固,百渚Not alert. To sum it up is "Peaceful Ningbo"! Lao Lin said with a smile, these ancient words of oysters are actually written by modern people! It turned out that in 1983, the Chenghuang Temple was overhauled, and the inscriptions on the wall were contrasted. The experts were suspicious. They had to preserve the historical remains, and they were afraid of being labeled as “proclaiming feudal superstitions”. How to make the best of both worlds? In the end, the experts thought about this method of “selling the sky and crossing the sea”, replacing the original scripts that were easy to understand with the ancient words of oysters, thus retaining the original meaning of the inscription and evading the blame for preaching superstition. The 9-year-old Xiao Wu, wearing a straw hat, walked in front of her like a little adult. Grandma is 58 years old. She just came from Yuyao’s home a few days ago. “There have been several times in the previous Chenghuang Temple. This time it’s different. It’s Xiao Wu’s story with me.” On the stage, 61-year-old Linde Long was very excited. . "I used to play when I was a child. I came up with 2 cents!" He touched it, and looked at it in the west. He pointed at the "mountain" to everyone: it turned out that the above is the observatory, there is a model of the moon, "unfortunately, now It became a utility room, and the beautiful 'chicken crest top' on this has not changed.” He said that the “chicken cage top” is actually the dome of the stage, which is divided into 24 layers and consists of 20 spirals spiraling up because It is similar to the peasant's chicken cage, so it is also called "chicken cage top". The 15-year-old grandson Lin Jiaxuan looks a little embarrassed. "I am also coming up for the first time. By the way, I remember my childhood with my grandfather." The building is solidified music. Gogol once said: "When songs and legends have been silenced, architecture Still talking." In the heart of Lao Lin, Tianfeng Tower and Chenghuang Temple have never stopped telling.