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Livelihood Library: Life experience is a book 2013-07-11


Life experience can be a book. The "Reality Library" initiated by Ningbo Haishu District was officially opened today. In the future, as long as there is a library card for the Haishu District Library, you can borrow books for free. Unlike traditional paper books, a "real person book" person is a book, and a book is a person. Readers and books can be interactive, but unlike ordinary person-to-person lectures, it can be “borrowed” repeatedly. This book is called "Social and Cultural". The book is a public official named Wu Heli. He has devoted himself to studying sociological knowledge for many years and has a wealth of knowledge. Borrower, Fang Ningxia, a sophomore at Ningbo Institute of Technology. "I have to go to the social internship in a year, but I feel confused, I don't know how to plan in the future, and I am closer to the reality of society." So he borrowed the book and started a relationship with Wu Heli: "University Professionals have no good or bad points, because they are associated with employment, there are hot and unpopular. But social needs are changing, computers have been popular in previous years, and in recent years, they have changed to environmental protection, so it is normal for you to have troubles... ..." Wu Heli shared his many years of research with readers and then targeted readers. Haishu District issued a “real person book” recruitment poster through Weibo, and invited ordinary residents, experts or folk people who have rich experience in life or have unique insights in a certain field or have extraordinary skills to join the “real person book”. Up to now, 11 "real people books" have been available for borrowing, and 29 netizens have submitted their intentions to borrow. The person in charge of Haishu District Library said that "real person book" was born in Denmark, and its good wishes - let people from different cultures and countries sit down and talk.