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The gathering of the six major Yue operas 2013-07-13


The star version of the Yue Opera "Peacock Flying Southeast" will be staged at the Ningbo Grand Theatre on July 15. The play is known as the Chinese version of "Romeo and Juliet". This edition of "Peacock Flying Southeast" brings together the most popular Fan School, Fu Pai, Yin Pai, Wang Pai, Lu Pai, Jin Pai and Xu Pai in the Yue opera world. The genre and its outstanding actors, Wu Fenghua, Wu Suying, Li Min, Chen Fei, Chen Xueping, Zhang Xiaojun, Zhang Xuefen, Xie Qunying, etc. will appear on the same stage. "Peacock Flying Southeast" is the third star-level drama of Shaoxing City Performance Co., Ltd. following the "Liang Zhu" and "Five Women's Birthday". The actors in the play will be divided into several pairs. Everyone will take turns and everyone will play in different games. Perform one or two out and complete the whole big show together.