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Protecting the roots of the city and retaining historical memory 2013-07-15


Key heritage sites, cultural tourism routes, Ningbo festival customs, recommended special snacks... Yesterday morning, Haishu District launched the city's first hand-painted cultural tourism map, which will wipe out these unique historical and cultural “old foundations”. On this cultural tourism map, more than 40 national, provincial and municipal cultural protection points in Haishu's jurisdiction are dotted with hand-painted sketches, which makes this map more intimate. With the map, you can find many cultural heritage sites such as the Library Building, the Ancestral Temple, the Celebrity House, the Haisi Relics, and the modern and outstanding buildings, as well as the special museums and exhibition halls. "I lived near Xiaowen Street. I didn't find it here every day. It was originally a Fuxi room." The spirit of Mr. Feng Mengqi's collection is really impressive." relying on the map, "85" Hu Yanhong immediately found the Fuxi room. The exact location, and the introduction of the introduction and the time of the visit on the map also made her feel very human. Chen Jiandong of Haishu District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau said that since the Tang Dynasty, the city has been built in the first year of the Qing Dynasty. Haitang has a history of more than 1190 years. There are still 7 historical blocks and many cultural protection units and points in the area. “Every cultural heritage site is the root of Ningbo city, carrying the cultural memory of Ningbo, and there are many moving stories hidden in it.” In this regard, in recent years, Haishu District has deepened the culture of Zhedong, collection culture and celebrity culture. Cultural tourism resources such as trade and culture have opened up urban cultural tourism routes such as historical and cultural blocks and former residences of celebrities. The hand-painted cultural tourism map launched by Haishu District will be given free of charge at hotels, tourist window units, bookstores, etc., so that more young people, foreign tourists, etc. can more easily understand the sea otter and understand the cultural heritage of the scattered ancient city. Jane. Sponsored by Ningbo Youth League Committee, Haishu District Party Committee Propaganda Department, Tianyi Pavilion Museum, Haishu District Culture, Radio and Television Press and Publication Bureau, Haishu District Committee, Haishu District Tourism Bureau, Gulou Pedestrian Street Management Office jointly organized by the "Millennium Ningbo, Ancient City Haishu" The Haicang Cultural Heritage visit was also launched yesterday. A team of hundreds of citizens, including “Little Migratory Birds”, college students, and cultural tourism volunteers, came into close contact with key cultural sites such as Yongfengku Site, Drum Tower, and Tianyi Pavilion Museum.