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The small theater fan stage was held in the third "Meeting the Pear Garden" campus drama competition held in the city. 2013-07-16


The picture shows the contestants singing. Yue Opera, Drama, Peking Opera, Yao Opera, Yu Opera... Yesterday at the Baiyun Children's Art Theatre, 40 players from the city's 68 kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and universities stood out from the crowd, and they were born in Ningbo. The finals of the 3rd “Meeting Pear Garden” Campus Drama Competition hosted by the Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Ningbo City Drama Association have contributed a high level of confrontation. In recent years, schools in various places have set up special drama classes. For example, Xiaodong No.1 Primary School in Yuyao City is the base of Yao Opera. The Wangjiang Primary School in Gaoqiao Town, Yinzhou District is the inheritance base of the opera. The southeast primary school in the lower street of Zhangzhou is the “Little Plum Blossom”. The inheritance base, Zhongcheng Primary School in Beilun District and Wuxiang Town Central Primary School in Yinzhou District are the bases for Peking Opera and have cultivated many excellent “playing seedlings” for the city. Yesterday these seedlings showed excellent basic skills. The headmaster of the Wangjiang Primary School team revealed that the students who participated in the competition just won the gold medal in the Zhejiang Division with the "Chicken Wife". In August, they will go to Suzhou to compete for the national "Little Plum Blossoms". Yesterday, 18 children from the Central Primary School of Wuxiang Township in Yinzhou District brought the Peking Opera "Man Jianghong" to the selection of the opera, which has won a lot of sings. The 11-year-old protagonist Shan Yuxing introduced that he liked Peking Opera to participate in the Beijing Peking Opera Society three years ago. In addition to studying with his teacher, he practiced with video and tape at home. Now, "Shajiabang", "Chi Zhiwei Hushan", etc. He was very familiar with the selection. He said, "Learning Peking Opera has also corrected my shortcomings of hunchback and inattention. I love it more and more." This time, the city’s Youth Palace Yue Opera training class has 3 children entering the finals. The youngest of them, Wang Xinyu, attended the Dongqianhu Kindergarten. In September, she will read the big class, her bite is clear, the atmosphere is smooth, and the charm is full. Lin Huizhen, a teacher of the training class, said that Wang Xinyi’s grandmother loved to listen to Yue Opera. She has become a little “more fans” since she was a child. She spends half an hour at home every day to practice her body and make great progress. She said that there are more and more students coming to the training class, indicating that the influence of Ningbo opera is expanding. The 13-year-old Yu Qi from Cixi and the 8-year-old Yu Gege sisters sang the excerpts of the Yue opera "One Ramie" and "Tang Bohu Point Qiuxiang" respectively. The two sisters said that their whole family is a movie fan. Yu Qi went to Shaoxing Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe to learn from her childhood. At the age of 8, she was awarded the national "Little Plum Blossom". She has performed more than 500 performances so far, and even Inner Mongolia has her fans. ".