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The campus drama contest held a finals yesterday. Many players came from the drama inheritance base. 2013-07-16


The small player performed "Xing Chong Chong Shou Ming to send flowers." Peking Opera "The Empty City" and Yue Opera "Back to the Eighteen"... Yesterday, these classic opera sings rang in the Baiyun Children's Art Theater in Haishu District. The final of the third "Meeting Pear Garden" Campus Drama Competition was held here, and 40 finalists passed. In the competition, a total of 10 winners of the "Golden Bud" Award, 10 winners of the "Silver Bud" Award and 20 winners of the "Budley Award" were produced. The reporter found that many of the finalists were from some of the opera heritage bases in the city. The 12-year-old Liao Zhiliang's entry is the famous Lupai singer of Yue Opera, "Xing Chong Chong is ordered to send flowers", and there is quite a small trick in one stroke. Xiao Liao is a native of Jiangxi. He has never been exposed to Yue opera in his hometown. When he was performing on stage, his mother stood on the side of the stage and couldn't keep his eyes on it. She said: "I can understand the Yue opera that my son sings." Liao Zhiliang is a student of the southeast elementary school of Xiaying Street. This school is also a small plum. "Inherit the base. Two years ago, Liao Zhiliang began to contact Yue opera in school and gradually fell in love with this drama. "School of Yue opera is a bit hard, and some children have withdrawn." Ms. Liao said that her son has been persistent. "He also won a silver medal in a provincial opera competition!" In yesterday's competition, Peking Opera Heritage Base Wuxiang Town Center The elementary school has brought a "huge team" of 18 people, and they performed the Peking Opera "Man Jiang Hong". In the interview, the starring Yan Yuxing has always maintained the "T-step". He smiled and said: "I may be used to this action after learning Beijing opera for a long time." The 11-year-old Shan Yuxing likes to sing Peking Opera. He feels that learning Beijing opera I have a good temperament, "not humpback", and more importantly, "attention can also be concentrated." It is understood that in order to inherit and develop the art of opera, in recent years, some schools in our city have become the bases for the inheritance of operas, and they have set up special classes for operas and cultivated a large number of excellent opera seedlings. In this campus drama competition, there are many players from the inheritance base. "In fact, the children do not dislike these traditional arts, but have no chance to contact them. No one teaches them." Lin Huizhen, a teacher of the City Youth Palace Yue Opera Class, said in an interview. Compared with the “hot” piano, dance, art, calligraphy and other training courses, the Yue Opera class of the Youth Palace is a bit deserted. There are only a dozen children in a class. However, Lin Huizhen still sees hope, and some children really like Yue Opera. She told reporters that Wang Xinyan, who came to participate in the competition, was only six and a half years old. She insisted on learning the half-hour drama in the day. The little guys often practiced because of the practice. "A pair of boots are somewhat flattened at the end." The reporter found that although the development of the opera heritage base in the city has shown a gratifying side, there are not many young people who have studied opera for a long time and systematically. Some children gave up the drama after graduating from elementary school. This is also a question that needs to be considered in the inheritance of the opera.