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Cultural Museum Summer Public Dance Class: Learn belly dance is to lose weight 2013-07-16


The teacher is teaching belly dancing. Yesterday morning, the “Stars Classroom” summer passion dance training event organized by the Municipal Cultural Center officially started. The content of the first lesson was free belly dance training. More than 10 female citizens flexed their waists with professional teachers in the dance room of the City Cultural Center. Ms. Luo, 41, was the first time to participate in the “Stars Classroom” public dance training. After several movements, she gradually became more and more versatile. She said that the main reason for studying belly dance is to exercise. “It is fitness. By the way, lose weight." There are quite a few students who have the same ideas as Ms. Luo. “I heard that it is free training and I feel that the opportunity is very good.” After seeing the training information, Ms. Wang took a couple of friends who danced square dance together in the community to study together. "It is very difficult to master the essentials of fitness and self-study. There are teachers who can learn more in place." Teacher Dong Fang, who taught belly dance yesterday, has seven or eight years of professional dance teaching experience and won the third prize in the 8th Taoli Cup Professional Dance Competition. In the classroom, she controls the rhythm of teaching and teaches the essentials of the movements to the students. After a class, she basically taught a basic set of belly dance. "Belly dance is a form of dance with Arabian style. It originated in the Middle East and has been spread all over the world. It is a relatively well-known international dance." Dong Fang said, "When you dance belly dance, you are very strong." Important, there is also a belly belly. At the beginning, it may not be opened below the waist. It will move all over the body. After practicing for a long time, the upper and lower sides are very flexible, and they will move separately, and the movement will be better and better. "Because many students are coming to school for the first time, Dong Fang does not forget to encourage everyone from time to time. She told reporters: "In the first class, their performance has been very good." Wang Zhiming, director of the City Cultural Center Art Training Center, told reporters that the city Since its inception in 2008, the “Stars Classroom” of the Cultural Center has launched a series of free-to-play, fashion-free free art training programs such as modern dance, salsa dance and Latin dance every summer. This dance training will last for one month from the start of the class yesterday, with two lessons per week, for a total of eight classes. In addition to belly dancing, there is also a street dance course this year. "There are 30 students recruited per class. Now they are not yet full. Interested citizens can continue to contact the City Cultural Center to sign up." Wang Zhiming said that the belly dance enrollment target is 20- to 50-year-old female students, and street dance recruits 8 Students aged 16 to 16 are not limited to men and women.