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The second "Ningbo City Top Ten Youth Cultural Stars" was produced 2013-07-17


Yesterday afternoon, the list of the second "Ningbo Top Ten Youth Cultural Stars" was announced. “Top Ten Young Cultural Stars” are: Xu Yi, President of Zhejiang Xuanyi Network Technology Co., Ltd., Qian Lina, Young Writer of Yinzhou District Institute of Integrity Culture, Chen Binrong, Director of Photography and Art Department of Yuyao Daily, Deputy of the Executive Committee of Ningbo Cultural Market Chief of the team, Cao Jian, Yang Weiwen, outstanding young Yue opera actor of Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., Yuan Wei, anchor of Ningbo Radio and Television Group, Xie Peiliang, deputy director of Haishu District Cultural Center, Jiang Hairen, general manager of Ningbo Shangfang Film and Television Animation Co., Ltd., Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University Director of the Art Education Center, Vice Chairman of the Chorus Alliance, Guo Xiaowei, and Huo Xuwen, a calligraphy teacher at the Luanchuan Central School in Zhenhai District. In addition, 10 people including Wanxiang Rong from Ningbo Library were nominated for the award. At the event ceremony, a micro-forum with the theme of “Youth, Culture and Dreams” was held. Seven new and old young cultural stars shared their dreams about youth and culture. The selection was jointly carried out by the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, the Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Ningbo Youth Federation.