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90 books in Jiangdong weaving a "10-minute hosting circle" 2013-07-19


The picture shows the volunteers explaining the origami skills to the children in the book room of the community. (李超周琼摄) Yesterday morning, Hu Jiayue, who worked at Xingye Building in Jiangdong District, took the children to the office building. Before starting work, she sent her children to the "worker's bookstore" in the building. These days, the children have already met many small partners here. They either read books together or accompanied by college students to do summer homework. At intervals of three to five, the local OCT community committee also invited some teachers for the bookstore to give children a course on paper-cutting, painting, and science. At the beginning of the summer vacation, the library of 62 street community libraries in Jiangdong District and the library of 28 enterprises, institutions, schools and buildings extended the opening hours. The person in charge of the relevant departments of Jiangdong District told the reporter that the library in various communities, enterprises and buildings has built a “10-minute custodian circle” for local residents to solve the problem of summer child custody. According to Bei Jingbo, director of Anju Community, Dongliu Street, since the summer vacation, the library of the Community Comprehensive Service Center has been open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and the weekend library has been open for half a day. In the library, there are special children's corners, as well as an electronic reading room to provide children with green Internet access. What makes Bei Jingbo feel gratified is that before the summer vacation, they sent a library to the nearby residents to send a library of summer hosting services. Many residents took the initiative to go to the library to volunteer. A young mother who is an English teacher went to the library to go to the library for English classes. She told the community staff to put the children in the library and read and learn with the children. The children learned better and they also More worry. While being welcomed by the community residents, these library custody classes, which are managed by public service staff or volunteers, have also been well received by young parents in many office buildings.