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Chen Yuanchu Oil Painting Art Museum exhibited 2013-07-19


Yesterday, Chinese American Chen Yuanchu came to the Ningbo Art Museum with his 40 oil paintings and 10 installation works. Born in Shanghai, Chen Yuanchu currently lives and works in New York. He began his career in art in 1980. He received his master's degree in art from New York University in 1987. He joined the New York Chinese Modern Artists Association and the New York East-West Artist Exchange Association. He has successfully held personal exhibitions in cities such as Washington, Alaska and other countries. Chen Yuanchu's work emphasizes individual care. The famous art critic Shen Yubing believes: "Chen Yuanchu's painting is not a concept but an idea, and it expresses the view of the whole world. There are many binary oppositions in his paintings, some people and nature, technology and Culture, the East and the West, he used a pluralistic approach to express his own thoughts and emotions, which is the most valuable place of his paintings, and the place that best provides us with inspiration and inspiration." After the opening ceremony yesterday Chen Yuanchu’s art symposium was also held. The exhibition will last until August 4.