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The story of "Ningbo Good Man" Wang Yanqin as the prototype "Life has Love" was selected for the Montreal Film Festival 2013-07-22


The reporter was informed yesterday that Wang Yanqin, a "Ningbo Good Man", is the prototype of the story. The famous director An Zhanjun directed the film, "The Love of Life" starring Narenhua and Sun Min has been selected for the 37th Montreal International Film Festival in Canada. unit. Producer Chen Ke said that "showing the human aura of ordinary people" is the most important reason for the film to move the film selection committee. "As far as I know, this Montreal International Film Festival has received 70 applications for Chinese films. "Life has love" stands out from the crowd." Chen Ke, a filmmaker in Beijing, was unable to hide his interview in a telephone interview yesterday. Proud, he said, "In May of this year, the crew signed up for the film festival through the overseas promotion department of the China Film Company. After one month, they received the notice of the selection of the organizing committee. On August 22, the director and other filmmakers will go to Canada to participate." Chen Ke revealed that "Life has Love" has considered impacting international films festivals such as Cannes, Tokyo, Berlin, etc., and finally chose Montreal for two reasons. "One is the film "The July of the Cars" directed by the Anwar Army in 2004. He won the jury of the 28th Montreal International Film Festival Jury, and the male No.1 Fan Wei was awarded the seal of the film. The jury is familiar with Anshun and his style. In addition, compared with other international film festivals, Montreal pays more attention to the film's simple humanity. The show." In the end, "Life has love" is what you want. “The jury praised the film by telling the story of ordinary people around us, showing the beauty of human nature, the simple and sincere feelings, and the touching power.” Chen Ke said. The Montreal International Film Festival in Canada is one of the 13 international A-class film festivals in the world including the Berlin Film Festival in Germany, the Cannes Film Festival in France, and the Venice Film Festival in Italy. It is an important overseas exhibition venue for Chinese films. The festival is divided into the “World Competition” unit, the main competition unit, and the “Concern World Movie” and “World Documentary” exhibition units. Although the "Focus on World Movies" unit selected in "Life is Love" is not the main competition unit, it is rare to be able to display at the International Class A Film Festival. The reporter learned that "Life has Love" was produced by the China Disabled Persons' Career Promotion Association, and was jointly filmed by the China Disabled Persons' Federation, the Ningbo Haishu District Party Committee Propaganda Department, and Huaxia Haitong Investment Co., Ltd. The film is based on the deeds of Wang Yanqin, vice chairman of the Haishu District Disabled Persons' Federation in Ningbo. "Life has love" reproduces Wang Yanqin, a good man in the real society (the film's protagonist Li Donghai), tells the story of an ordinary disabled worker who uses his tiny power to try and call for and practice humanitarian thought. . In March of this year, the film held a seminar in Beijing and was well received by the participating experts. Zhang Baiqing, president of the China Film Critics Association, said: "The film does not directly appeal to us to care about anything, but actually let us feel that an ordinary cadre makes every effort to change the power of this society every day." Screenwriter and critic Zhao Yuhua The most special place in the film is to try to break through the pattern of heroes. "Showing the texture of heroes, he has happiness and helplessness, happiness and sadness. He has many complicated aspects, not a single line." Affirmation, some people also regret, such as the film's Ningbo regional characteristics are not enough. It is reported that "Love in Life" is currently negotiating with Huaxia Film Company for distribution, and plans to be screened at the National Academy in the end of the year. "The crew will go to Ningbo to carry out relevant publicity." Chen Ke said.