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"The Stormy Pond" went to Ningbo 2013-07-25


The "Spirate Pond - Hua Jiang's Ink Painting Exhibition" co-sponsored by the Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Ningbo Wenlian will be held at the Ningbo Art Museum on July 26th and will be held until August 15. Hua Jianguo is now the curator of the Provincial Art Museum and the vice chairman of the Provincial Artists Association. In recent years, the ink painting “The Pond of Fury” was created as a masterpiece of his creative theme from the pastoral to the city. The relevant person in charge of the Ningbo Art Museum believes that the founding country is from the Central Plains region with profound cultural heritage. Its works are mainly based on modern ink painting. It is hoped that through this exhibition, Ningbo citizens can understand the development of modern ink painting and understand the art creation in the Central Plains. Happening. It is reported that this exhibition is the third stop of the national tour of the "competitive pond". After the exhibition, it will move to Qingdao to continue the tour.