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The original site of the original Taifeng Flour Mill turned into "M·Yi Factory 1931" 2013-07-27


Last night, the flour mill of the former Taifeng Flour Mill, which witnessed the modern industrial civilization of Ningbo, ushered in a new art industrial park model – “M·Yichang 1931” project, aimed at realizing cultural creativity and history. The perfect combination of building preservation and development. Ningbo Taifeng Flour Mill was established in 1931 by Ningbo China's modern industrial and commercial giants. It is one of the “three and a half chimneys” of the whole city industry in the early days of Ningbo's liberation. It witnessed the modern industrial civilization of Ningbo. The 8 flour mills along the Yangtze River have a height of 31.5 meters and are now the most distinctive building in Ningbo Book City. The “M·Art Factory 1931” project was jointly established by Meilin Culture Group and Yifeng Art Group. It is composed of the United Nations Art Ambassador, Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange Ambassador, and internationally renowned Chinese cross-border artist Ma Xingwen as artistic director. Claudio Esposito is the project life consultant. The project will introduce fashion and art styles to provide a new life experience for the public. At the same time, it will also introduce famous masters of finance, culture and art to hold cultural exchange activities on a regular basis. It is reported that at present, Shimao Brand Culture Museum, large-scale cultural enterprise “Oriental Ink Painting”, Italian International Group International Life Experience Center, August Culture and well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo’s personal studio have entered the project. At the same time, the overall image improvement and transformation of the project has also started. It is expected to be fully open in December.