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More than 30 movies will be released in August. 2013-07-30


August is the second half of the movie "Summer File". The city will release more than 30 movies, among which the small and medium-cost domestic films focus on children, love and youth, and there are also some action films that have just won awards at the Shanghai Film Festival. Guild Wars and Xu Wei starred in the comedy "Modern Age" as an alternative surprise. As the first series of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" series produced overseas, the live-action version of the movie "I Love Big Big Wolf 2" will be released on August 1st. The exposure of the Singapore real-life shooting picture and special effects makes it the most popular blockbuster. One of the children's movies. The domestic animated film "Quinta Box Story" released on August 2 is China's first 3D animated film using miniature model real shot plus CG production technology. Starring Qiu Qiming, Liu Yan and Zhang Yishan, the family comedy film "Little God Comes", which will be released on August 15th, tells the story of a family of five families with their missions on a meteor shower night. A series of interesting stories. The comedy youth movie "Youth" starring Dong Zijian and Qin Haizhen was released on August 2nd. On the same day, there were also "The Kidnapped Big Star" starring Chen Xiaodong, Du Haitao, Xu Yahan and Yang Gongru. The cute youth comedy "Love and Anecdote" was also released on August 2nd. The little fresh and funny plot makes people can't help. The "Secretary of the Stolen" released on August 22, starring Bai Baihe and Zhang Xiaoquan, tells the story of the woman strong man He Man came to an end when her career climbed to the peak, but an accident made her amnesia, she was looking for Back to memory, I also found the reason for the failure of marriage. In addition, "诡魇", which is based on the real thing, will be released on August 16th, and is expected to be the finale of this summer's horror film. This year's "Star Festival" has five lineups with good lineups and love of love. At the same time, the film will be released at the same time. On August 9th, there will be Fan Bingbing, a "one-night surprise" by a woman, and a soon-to-free warning of love. "A singular event", the "Made 2" featuring "Family Carnival" and the "New Age 2" that suddenly announced the release of the film were released. Among them, especially the "One Night Surprise" is the most eye-catching, Fan Ye in the play alone against Dawn, Li Zhiting, Jiang Jinfu and Daniel, four different types of handsome guys. In the first half of August, the first half of the movie market was influenced by the "Qi Xi", which was the sweet taste of love. On August 16th, I finally changed the taste. Zhang Jiahui, Peng Yuxi, Li Xinqiao, and Mei Ting’s bloody movie "Guild War" was released and told Zhang Jiahui’s arrogant fist. The inspirational story of the game between the king and Peng Yuxi, the "rich second generation". The film won the "Golden Jubilee Award" best actor and best actress at this year's Shanghai Film Festival. A "Thailand" was born, and Xu Wei was given the "National Comedy Emperor". Therefore, the comedy "Modern Age" starring Xu Wei on August 29 was also receiving much attention. This is a small-person comedy movie about a liar and the "daughter" who descended from the sky and walked through the rivers and lakes to meet a variety of people and things. In the film, Xu Wei and the talented child star Zhang Zifeng work together to interpret a pair of "little fathers and daughters" who are in the world. The little girl Zhang Zifeng plays the heroine of the actress Agarwood (Zhou Dongyu) in "Miyasu Aquilaria". Her aura's performance is expected to be the most impressive new face of this summer.