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On the bank of Shanglin Lake in Cixi, the inextricable relationship between the girl Shizhen and the celadon secret color 2013-07-30


In 1987, a heavy rain in Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province, opened the Famen Temple, which is filled with 13 pieces of “Cue Color Porcelain”. Open the thick dust, they clearly answer the conjecture of "What is the secret color" for more than a thousand years. At the bottom of the porcelain, the small side of the "Shanglin Lake for the supply", and the re-creation of the "mysterious" heavy responsibility, quietly fell back to the celadon fragments on the bank of Shanglin Lake in Cixi, Ningbo. This year, Shi Zhen, a little girl with enamel tablets on the upper lake, is 16 years old. Those messy pieces of broken porcelain, not just the toys of her childhood, the more they feel on the hand. This year, Shi Zhen took up the burden and followed her three grandfathers, the Chinese modern ceramic art education theorist and one of the founders of the Jingdezhen Ceramic Art College, to go to Jingdezhen to study ceramic art, and then admitted to Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Fine art ceramic design. In 1997, she was the first exchange student in the field of ceramic art in China and went to the Ceramics Department of Seoul National University of Technology for further study. When the life process is here, many people have decided that Shi Zhen, who has such profound artistic accomplishment, will go to the lecture hall like a grandfather and study art creation in the experiment. After the return to China in 2000, Shi Zhen was able to go to the public and return to Ningbo Shanglin Lake. She rented a house in a simple and dark factory, and started the work of the Yueyao kiln workers in that year. "Maybe, the piece of porcelain that is full of 'mysterious reproduction' dreams, just happened to be stunned by me!" Shi Zhen always answered other people's incomprehensible. She quietly guarded the millennium kiln, and waited for the moment when Jiuqiu Fenglu Yue Kiln opened and won the thousand peaks. "There is a lake in Yuezhou, a forest on the name, a kiln on the lakeside, and a famous kiln." Looking at the ancient poems, you can see Shanglin Lake in the 30-minute drive from Cixi County, and there are countless porcelains lying in the clear mountains and shoals. Fragments, clear, light, cool. Yue Kiln is the most famous celadon kiln in ancient China. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the earliest porcelain in China was successfully fired in the dragon kiln of Yue Kiln. Therefore, the Yue Kiln celadon was called “Mother Porcelain”. The ceramics industry has determined that the maturity of porcelain began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The former was called the original porcelain. Only in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the original celadon completed the transition to celadon, and this important change was completed in Shanglinhu Yue Kiln. "In ancient times, it took almost a year to burn a kiln porcelain. The yield was very low. Good things were tribute, and the bad ones were smashed by the lake." Shi Zhen is most familiar with this history. She pointed to the sparkling Shanglin Lake. At that time, there were more than 120 celadon kiln sites around the lake. The fire was constant all day long. According to incomplete statistics, during the Five Dynasties, more than 140,000 Yue Kiling celadon boutiques were awarded to the Central Plains dynasty. Picking up the stairs, the mountains are hidden, and the ancient kiln site built along the slopes is the lotus core kiln site. The dragon kiln, which is more than 40 meters long and has an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters, was once very popular in the Tang Dynasty. "Ningbo City" records that porcelain, like silk fabrics, became the main commodity of Mingzhou Port. In the Tang Dynasty, it opened up the "Ceramic Road" from Mingzhou to the overseas, North Gaoli, east to Japan, far It is sold to nearly 20 countries and regions in Asia and Africa. The Yue Kiln continued to burn for more than a thousand years, and it was only at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty that it gradually stopped burning. In the thousands of years since then, things have been wrong, and people on the banks of Shanglin Lake have gradually forgotten the uniqueness of this kiln, and the secret recipe has been lost. "It burned for a thousand years and stopped for a thousand years." This is the story of Shizhen’s coming to Shanglin Lake before the Yue Kiln. In 2001, there was a new story on the shore of Shanglin Lake. "The world of porcelain production process is similar, why only Shanglin Lake can burn the best porcelain, the key lies in this water and soil." Shi Zhen holds the idea, want to burn the original celadon, must return to Shanglin Lake. As a result, the lake didn't know when there was a simple work shed. Some kiln furniture and burning stoves were placed inside. The surrounding villagers only saw a little girl coming in and out, bringing back different mud every day. At first, everyone thought it was very strange, but after ten days and a half, I didn't see the static movement, and I slowly lost my curiosity, leaving the silent Shanglin Lake and the lonely kiln work. Before the official opening of the kiln porcelain, Shi Zhen spent almost a year collecting shredded porcelain, researching formulas, and digging up the soil of Linhu Lake and Duhu and the surrounding stone as raw materials and glaze. After everything was ready, she chose a light and bleak day, igniting the kiln fire that had passed away for thousands of years, and the sizzling fire, Shi Zhen, who was sweating and sweating, and mosquitoes who came from time to time. This day coincides with another "full kiln" day, just like the first time you burned a kiln. Shi Zhen carefully moved the enamel of the porcelain blank to the kiln, the branch code was good, the kiln position was arranged, and then the kiln door was gently and very solemnly closed, and the kiln was filled again. The process of "butterfly change". This is her work for nearly two months, but she does not know that she will "live" in the end. "No matter how much work has been done from mining, panning, forming, and repairing more than ten processes, the moment you close the kiln door, everything starts from scratch." Shi Zhen said. The three large tin-shaped barrels that are placed in front of you are the kiln of Shizhen. “In ancient times, they were earthen kiln. Today, we use some new tools and new machines. These are kiln imported from abroad. The temperature is even when firing, and the temperature is more than 1300 degrees Celsius. You can burn a kiln in five or six days. The product is very stable. The general gift making can be semi-mechanized. A plaster mold can be used for dozens of pieces, but the real artwork is hand-made and unique.” This full kiln is another experiment of Shizhen burning secret porcelain. After trying to burn secret porcelain in 2011, she could not remember how many kiln was burned. The peak period of Yue Kiln is about 200 years, the most famous of which is the secret color porcelain. According to records, "the secret color is clear." That is to say, in the Ming Dynasty, the kiln sites in various places stopped the production of “secure porcelain”. Therefore, the exquisite color of the enamel enamel is not known to the modern people. People only rely on the beauty of the "smart day and month to dye the spring water, spin the thin ice and green clouds". For example, if we don't build a kiln to burn porcelain, the thoughts are satisfied, but Shizhen wants to be the creator and restore the secret porcelain. "The biggest difficulty is that there are few secret porcelains in existence." Shi Zhen said that as the birth of the royal tribute secret porcelain at that time, it was the phenomenon of kiln change in the firing of the kiln celadon, "there was an unexpected aesthetic effect." Jane took out a few pieces of her research specimens, which were based on the color of the Tang Dynasty secret color porcelain unearthed from the Fumen Temple in Shaanxi Fufeng, and a pile of broken porcelain pieces picked from the Shanglin Lake and their own celadon works. Seriously compare, use the eyes to understand similarities and differences, and then think about how to improve the process. "Longquan celadon has cracked the secret of ice cracks. Why can't we break the secret of secret porcelain?" "The main problem is to understand the three problems of clay formula, glaze and firing. Porcelain is a kind of fire." The art, any subtle element in the firing process, can produce completely different colors, and can only be tested continuously. Sometimes, a piece of work has to go through dozens or even more failures..." "Qianfeng Cui" is For the secret color, after several difficulties, the works produced by Shi Zhen are quite close to the secret color. More than 100 kinds of Yue Kiln celadon boutiques have been resurrected from her hands. The dragon-grained vase she created was the only gold-winning kiln celadon in the four famous kiln in Zhejiang Province in the “No-Payment-Zhejiang Celadon Exhibition”. The skinny bottleneck, the rounded bottle body, the image of the quaint secret color porcelain left in many people's minds is single. “Although the celadon is beautiful, but the shape is uniform and the color is fixed. It will be a little bit boring for thousands of years to see, especially young people, who like fashion things. It’s just that the dragon and phoenix styles are hard to ignite their interest.” Shizhen of the young people is also tired of watching. As a result, she has more "condiments" in her celadon. Shi Zhen carefully took out a piece of art treasure that he had carefully created from the window. He pointed out that the new Yue Kiln celadon was stable and dignified, the glaze was moist and elegant, the decoration technique was novel and varied, and the composition was very beautiful. A perfect visual representation in the art treasures. Look, a "Rolled Peony Bottle" is much larger than the average celadon, and the concave and convex pattern on the bottle is filled with a deeper glaze. This is the Korean glaze process. A "jumping knife goldfish amphora" is based on the Tang Dynasty grass double ear bottle, the grass pattern is changed into a jumping knife craft, and the bottle ear is replaced with two goldfish, as if it is close to the water wave, breathing and swimming, lively And smart. Another "Peony Plum Bottle" is a embossed technique commonly used in foreign stone carving, which is very strong. The Cixi Shangyue Pottery Research Institute, which is not far from the ruins of Shanglinhu Yueyao Celadon, displays the works of these Shizhen. There are hundreds of them, and the glaze layers are soft and elegant, smooth and jade-like, and clear and clear. Surprisingly, every piece has innovation. The combination of ancient and modern, middle and outer artistic essences has formed the artistic characteristics of Shizhen's work "Huangzhong with green, green and yellow". Seeing a piece of celadon art in front of us, we are already awe-inspiring, this loess, can actually create such a wonderful and changeable celadon world. In this secret color, we also saw a gorgeous cyan color. A basin is based on the mysterious color, with a splash of ink on the top, named "Spring River Plumbing." “This is our latest research and development of the blue and white porcelain series, the combination of Yue Kiln celadon and traditional blue and white elements, and the interpretation of 'Contemporary Yue Kiln Blue and White Porcelain'.” Shi Zhen told us that three years ago, this bold idea was listed as the key point of Ningbo. The traditional arts and crafts protection and development project received a financial subsidy of 80,000 yuan. In this project of Shi Zhen, she wants to industrialize blue and white porcelain. Her creative development team has recruited five or six old employees and started to undertake some small gift making. They burn 2 to 3 kiln every month, but for a steady stream of orders, the staff is still insufficient and the scale is still a "small workshop." For Shizhen, the Shanglinhu Yue Kiln Celadon has a great potential for development. She has repeatedly recommended to relevant departments that Guangluo talents will create a Shanglinhu Yueyao Celadon Industrial Park integrating tourism, leisure and production. The speculation about celadon secrets is far from over.