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EU (China) Art Exchange Center settled in Ningbo Art Museum 2013-08-09


Yesterday, the "EU (China) Art Exchange Center" awarding ceremony was held at the Ningbo Art Museum. Xu Xinhua, deputy secretary general of the EU Economic and Cultural Committee, attended the ceremony on behalf of the organization. The “European Union (China) Art Exchange Center” has been settled in the Ningbo Art Museum, which marks the form of independent and independent exchanges between the museum and the art institutions and art organizations of the EU member states. This kind of communication with the EU member states is in a straight-forward manner. There is no precedent in the domestic art gallery. In recent years, Ningbo Art Museum has carried out extensive cooperation and exchanges with some EU member states, and has successfully held 37 different subjects in more than 10 EU member states including Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Austria. Original exhibition, and has received cultural people from many countries in the European Union. The Ningbo Art Museum has also set up an artist studio in the museum to recruit artists from all over the world, and to promote their artistic achievements to domestic art universities and art institutions, and to form independent art brands and behavioral ideas in the exchange of foreign art. It has become an important platform for Ningbo's cultural exchanges.