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Thousand years old ancient dew 2013-08-09


The high temperature and low rainfall in the past few days have greatly reduced the water level of the Yaojiang River. The entire appearance of the Yaojiang Millennium Crossing in the Jiangbei District of Ningbo, Jiangdu District, and the Liyan Gudu can be seen again. The day before yesterday, the stone level of the two ferries was extended more than 15 meters from the shore. Thousands of years of river scouring and wooden boat collisions left many relics on the huge stone and step stone; the ring buckle stone used for the cable was retained on the shore, and the imprint of the rope and the stone ring was identifiable; the pine supporting the ferry steps The pile began to be exposed to the outside. Wenbao person Wang Jietang said that since 2011, the second time I saw such a complete Qinglin Gudu true capacity. He suggested that the cultural security unit use this opportunity to further observe and protect it. According to reports, Qinglin Gudu and Lijing Gudu are the most complete and most researched and developed Gudukou in the more than a dozen Yaojiang ancient crossings along the Zhedong Canal (Ningbo). In 2006, under the appeal of all walks of life, the relevant parties specially avoided the Qinglin Ancient Ferry in the construction of the Yaojiang flood control project, which made this precious ancient remains intact.