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Ning Haiping adjusted the first batch of non-genetic seed 2013-08-12


The picture shows the national non-genetic inheritor Ye Quanmin is teaching students to play tricks. The reporter learned from the Ninghai County Pingtiao Art Heritage Center yesterday that the first phase of the transfer class was completed for 4 months of closed training, and 20 students of the pass-through class participated in the singer and vocals at the Baihua Theater of the county leveling center. The examination of 16 items including leg, cross leg, kick leg and fast gun finally selected 16 students to go to Shaoxing Art School for the second phase of professional training for three years. This means that the national intangible cultural heritage Ning Haiping Finally, there is a new generation of inheritors, and will soon bear fruit on the land of Ninghai. Ninghai Ping has a history of nearly 400 years, and the local government has adopted a number of policies to increase the protection of this national intangible cultural heritage. In 2012, Ninghai County set up a county-level art transfer center. The center is committed to leveling the inheritance and protection, organizing and adjusting the fan club, setting up the experimental school district to adjust the inheritance base, launching the flat-tuning old artist rescue project, and publishing Ning Haiping. To tune the music, organize the compilation of "Ning Hai Ping Tune the Teeth", "Ning Hai Ping Tune the Drums", create a fine-tuned boutique repertoire "Golden Lotus", hold a special tune tour, and start a flat transfer class. In November 2012, Ninghai County established a professional grade transfer class, and conducted on-site enrollment examinations in 21 middle schools in the county. From the hundreds of art-loving students, the first batch of 21 students were enrolled. Junior high school students in the second and third grades, aged between 14 and 16 years old, have a certain artistic talent. On March 8 this year, the Ninghai Pingtun Heritage Class officially started in Xinghai Middle School. The Pingyi Art Heritage Center invited Ye Quanmin, a national non-genetic inheritor and has decades of experience in the art of pacing, as a professional teacher, and invited the professional actors of the Nanjing Theatre Company to teach the basic skills of the art. After 4 months. The fully enclosed training, the students laid a certain foundation in the sound cavity, pronunciation, singing, basic skills and other aspects. It is understood that after closed training and examinations, a total of 16 students will stand out, they will undertake the important task of inheriting and promoting Ninghai. The Ninghai County Party Committee and the county government attach great importance to the standard transfer class, and the relevant departments give strong support. The tuition and clothing expenses of all the students during the four-year study period are paid by the county financial special funds.