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The museum's small lecturer will be "on the job" 2013-08-14


In the upcoming September, if you visit the Ningbo Museum on weekends, there will be a small lecturer to explain the theme exhibition of the museum. These days, they are participating in a week of training. These little interpreters are between the ages of 8 and 12. Yesterday was the second day of training. The reporter saw that dozens of children, under the leadership of the teacher, read a short essay called "The Quarrel of the Dictionary's Family." The teacher said: "When reading, pay attention to the sound adjustment." As the commentator, the most basic condition is to have the standard of Putonghua and clear words. "If you can express your feelings, it will enhance the appeal and appeal of the explanation. The lecture teacher told the reporter. In addition to language expression training, small lecturers who are volunteers also need to receive training in etiquette and explanation. Yu Yang, an 11-year-old student from Shuguang Primary School, told reporters that on the first day of the training class, the museum’s lecturers took them to the theme exhibition. “The teacher’s explanation seems to make every piece of static artifacts 'Live', I hope that my performance will be like a real lecturer.” Yu Yang’s mother, Yang Xueqin, is also a volunteer at the Ningbo Museum. She smiled and said: “In the future, our mother and daughter are big volunteers. Holding the hands of small volunteers. It is understood that the training of the small lecturers was carried out in two batches, 30 people per batch. At the end of the training, they will be assessed.