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Alainbo photography festival is about to open, more foreign photographers join 2013-08-14


On August 23, the 4th Alainbo Photo Festival of Binjiang Cup will be held at the Binjiang Commercial Plaza. This year's photography festival will follow the theme of “City, Discover and Retain”, integrating exhibitions, competitions, lectures, forums and interactive activities. It is worth mentioning that this year, more foreign photographers have been invited to join us. The public can not only see master photography, but also have the opportunity to listen to their wonderful speeches. It is understood that in order to enrich the festival activities, the organizing committee organized pre-heating activities such as the collection of "most beautiful Jiangdong" photography works and "foreigners watching Jiangdong people" in the early stage of the event. In these two days, two British photographers, Peter Carney and Ma Sopo, traveled non-stop through the streets of Ningbo, recording the true, the beautiful and beautiful beauty of the city from the perspective of foreigners. The festival will last until the end of September. The photography exhibition is a highlight. This year, we will focus on the "Ningbo's Most Beautiful Instant" photography exhibition, the "Jiangdong" photo exhibition in memory, the "Ningbo Image" in the eyes of Ningbo photographers, the outstanding domestic and international works exhibitions and the streaming media exhibitions. Among them, outstanding works at home and abroad are well-received, such as the domestic new photographer Yan Ming’s “Da Guozhi”, Singapore’s documentary photographer Edwin Koo’s “The Lost Paradise – The Rebirth of the Swat Valley”, and the American photographer Earl Nash’s Flying Tigers 1944, British photographer Neil Andrew's "Scottish Farm" and other masterpieces. On the night of the opening ceremony, Binjiang Commercial Plaza has a second-hand photographic equipment exchange area. The public can bring the equipment and equipment that are idle at home to the scene to interact with experts. In addition, on the afternoon of August 24th, Indian photographer Pabru Bartholomew and British photographer Gemma Thorpe will receive a special photography lecture at the Jiangdong District Youth Palace. .