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Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre is open to the public on the 18th 2013-08-15


The reporter learned from the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre yesterday that the Grand Theatre will be open to the public free of charge on August 18. The general public can visit this new cultural and art hall in Ningbo, and can personally experience the guidance of Zhang Sanming, the famous Chinese architectural acoustics master. The most natural sound effect. The theater officially began to sell tickets from the same day. The Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre is jointly established by the Cultural Square Company and Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture company for operation management. The construction area of ​​Ningbo Culture Square is about 24,000 square meters. The audience hall has a pool seat and a two-story building. The number of seats is 1,531. There are 19 dressing rooms and clothing rooms of different sizes in the background. The size rehearsal room, piano room, coffee shop, boutique dining area and 2 VIP lounges and corresponding conference office rooms. The stage of the Grand Theatre adopts the "good" shape. The width of the platform is 19.5 meters and the height is 12 meters. It has advanced equipment such as music pool lifting platform, lifting railings and various booms and cranes. The stage lighting and sound system can meet the needs of large-scale opera, dance, variety, conference and other performances, as well as the live broadcast and recording of TV. The lighting control network is controlled by Ethernet/DMX network, and the sound system is mainly digital. Electronic conference sign-in, voting, voting system and reservation of high-definition digital TV live broadcast system composite optical cable interface. It is understood that Zhang Sanming, a famous Chinese architectural acoustics master, has been working as a guide for the Grand Theatre. The voices of actors and instruments have been transmitted to every corner of the theater in a completely natural way. From the 18th, 19 performances of 13 performances in the premiere of the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theater were officially sold out. Yang Liping starred in the large-scale dance drama "Peacock", which is called the finale of his work, the powerless train with an 18-degree range, the original intention of continuing to turn the tour, Luo Dayou's personal concert, and the hot and beautiful The Lamengo dance "Carmen" and the world-famous magic master York's unpredictable thrilling magic show... This fascinating world-class performance will open the eyes of Ningbo citizens.