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Ai Wei's new work "Summer" Shanghai Book Fair starting 2013-08-19


Ai Wei said that writing the names of Ningbo in the novel is a contribution to the city where he lives. Profile picture Ai Wei's new work "Summer" cover photo 2013 Shanghai Book Fair is in full swing. The new work of the city's writer Ai Wei, "Summer", made its debut at the book fair. Unlike the novel "Wind and Sun", which was published three years ago and later adapted into the TV series of the same name, Ai Wei did not repeat the writing of women and historical subjects, but wrote a work reflecting "the life underway." From rethinking the past to recording the moment, Ai Wei said that there has never been a change: "My writing has always stood on the side of the people, and it is maintaining the dignity of the people, thus criticizing the existing problems." "Summer" tells the story of the girl Hui’s boyfriend Ding Jiaming was embarrassed by a car accident. She accidentally discovered on the Weibo that the lawyer Ke translated that he was the perpetrator of the car accident and began to approach each other. In the meantime, Wang Peiqing, the father of the policeman who was the policeman of Ding Jiaming and the worker of the pesticide factory, was interspersed with the lawyer. In Ai Wei’s own words, he always wanted to write a novel about “the life that is going on right now”. But it is very difficult to write it. "Because we have not distanced ourselves from life, real life has not yet settled, and we have not provided a sense of form. It is a challenge. Our practical experience is too rich and complicated, both absurd and ridiculous. The horror is beyond the imagination of literature.” However, Weibo gave Ai Wei inspiration. "In 2010, I started Weibo on the Wenzhou train event. On Weibo, it was the problems and contradictions of this era. This inspires "Summer" to a certain extent." In the end, he put Weibo and The motor car event was written into the novel. "Of course, the motor car event is only in the background of the novel as the imprint of the times. The novel is completely fictional, but the basic material is related to real life." As for how to inspire the fragments and occasional events, form an organic The plot of the novel. Ai Wei told reporters that "Summer" has three clues, so that the seemingly impossible entanglements are ultimately closely related and extremely dramatic. In "Summer", there are many details related to the current social status, Weibo, lawyers, etc. are involved. Ai Wei feels that there is nothing wrong with this. As a novel written in the present, I will naturally write about the anxiety, uneasiness and namelessness of this era, and write about the events of this era. "What I have to do is to deal with them in a literary way, not just in the news." In the new work "The Seventh Day", Yu Hua also wrote all kinds of absurd reality news, but was accused of "strings." Burning is a cruel reality in consumption. Although he has not read "The Seventh Day", Ai Wei does not agree with the "fiction consumption reality". In his view, the novel focuses on humanity and human complexity. "When writing reality, what I am interested in is not the actual event, but the choice of people and the emotional reaction to the reality, and the possibility of people in front of the event. That is to say, this reality must enter the inside of the character, let it and The characters are closely connected, and the complexity of reality and the complexity of the characters are combined into one.” In Ai Wei’s heart, he still believes that goodness, courage and dignity are buried in the hearts of Chinese people. “I tried to let people see In fact, in our sense, there is a sense of goodness in the novel. There is a so-called 'positive energy'. The place where "summer summer" takes place is "Yongcheng", like "Wind and Sun", inside There are also names such as Heyi Road, Nantang Street and Ximen Bridge, and even famous seafood such as Wanghai Tea, which makes the reporter feel more cordial. Ai Wei explained: "Yongcheng is the homonym of Yucheng. In the novel, the names of the streets in Ningbo are also intentionally made. I am contributing to the city I live in." He told reporters that Some readers in Ningbo read the "Wind and Sun" and posted a message on the Internet, saying that they did not expect that the Shikumen house in Ningbo had such a moving story. "I think there is such a function in fiction, let everyone enter the world of imagination outside of real life." Ai Wei hopes that his story has enough vitality, and Yang Xiaoyi and Ke translated and other characters can become the city of Ningbo. a part of. "This is also a fictional power, and fictional characters sometimes live longer than the monks."