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Can the local movie "Dear Dolphin" counterattack "Good Laihu"? 2013-08-19


"Monsters University" still nears the end of the summer program, but the movie market does not mean a little cooling. This week, two "Good Laihu" came to the forefront, "Jurassic Park 3D" put on the new technology of the new clothes, the new bottle of old wine; "Monsters University" is the aura of the North American box office biweekly champion, selling Meng unlimited. Domestic new films also have bright spots. Xu Wei returned to the big screen and starred in "The Modern Age." Ningbo's local children's film "The Dolphins" will also be released this week in various theaters in Ningbo. Re-packaging the classic old film with 3D technology, this approach last year, the big director Cameron tried, the 3D version of "Titanic" word of mouth and box office win-win. This time, another Hollywood legend, Spielberg, once again attracted everyone's attention on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Jurassic Park. In contrast, Jurassic Park seems to have changed to the basis of the 3D version, because the film won the Oscar for best visual effects 20 years ago. Moreover, the horror plot of dinosaurs and human escaping will obviously become more realistic and thrilling with the addition of 3D. As the opening film of this year's Shanghai International Film Festival, "Monsters University" is late, but it does not hinder fans' love for it. The film tells the story of the two monsters, the big eyes and the monsters, how they are from each other, to the same force, and finally become friends. Xu Wei, who was successful in the first steering column, returned to his old line -- the actor. In "Modern Times", Xu Wei plays the swindler who deceives by magic. One day, he suddenly emerged an eight-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter. The two understood each other in the conflict and gradually developed a deep "father and daughterhood." Although the local film "Daddy Dolphin" does not have a great place in directors, actors, and investment, the "home" advantage is not available in other movies. The film will be premiered in Ningbo. At that time, director Lu Jianguang and four small actors from Ningbo will appear to jointly unveil the film for children with autism. Whether it can be a counter-attack "dark horse" with the theme of grounding gas and the right time is expected! In addition, this week there is a love movie starring Zhou Yimin and Liu Shishi, "A place to return to love," according to Zhu Deyong's famous comic film "Pink Girl Lovers Run", and a domestic sci-fi movie that surprised the aliens. "Unknown" is released. One week video August 20th "Jurassic Park 3D" August 22 "Kissing Dolphin" August 23 "Monsters University" "Modern Times" "Unknown" "Return to the place where love begins" "Pink Girl Lovers run fast