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"Family Dolphin" with a sense of local authenticity - Interview with screenwriter Sun Yangfang and director Lu Jianguang 2013-08-19


On the occasion of the upcoming release of the children's feature film "Dinding Dolphin", the national first-level screenwriter and the vice president of the Municipal Drama Association, Sun Yangfang, told the reporter the story of the birth of the film. In the newspaper, Sun Yangfang saw that the city had a “Dating Dolphin” charity event for children with autism, which ignited the passion for creation. So he talked about this with Lu Jianguang, the director of Cixi Children’s Film, who works in Hangzhou. At that time, Lu Jianguang directed the children's film "Kissing Crocodile" has won the 9th China International Children's Film Festival Awards, etc., is preparing for the second "Kissing Birds." The two hit it off and decided to create another family movie, "Dear Dolphin." On the basis of several interviews, Sun Yangfang’s script was quickly finalized. The script mainly shaped the image of a group of caring modern urban children. With the support of the Municipal Film Co., Ltd. and Xiangshan Film Studio, the film began to select small actors in the city. "This film puts the story in the sea world, allowing children with autism to get along with the dolphins, and the subject matter is unique." Lu Jianguang said that at that time, hundreds of children came to the sea, and the four small actors selected later featured. The first interview left a deep impression on the director. Ying Zhen, the actor of Zhen Zhen and the elite primary school in Zhenhai District, recited an English poem when he came up and down; Liu Kailu, the actor of Xiaoning Center and Guangji Central Primary School, was only 8 years old when he left. The director has a big hug; Hu Xiaoming, the chubby player and the Happiness Court Experimental Primary School, has a natural and relaxed expression on his face. He is the most dramatic in the selection of "Lily" and Xiangshan County Experimental Primary School Yang Jiayi. Originally, she was accompanying her classmates to the sea. As a result, her classmates were unsuccessful, and she was selected for her dance skills. Lu Tu told reporters that the film was shot in Ningbo and Xiangshan in August last year and was killed in a month. Although the four small starring performers were the first "electric shock", they performed well and interpreted the plot. The dolphins tamer "A Hai" in the film was starred by Sun Yi, an employee of Ningbo Ocean World. The whole film is very realistic, full of childlike and loving, but also has tears and laughter, and is full of appeal.