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One park dominates multi-platform support 2013-08-19


“The admission to the park is less than a year, but the full-service provided by the National University Science Park of Ningbo City has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Whether it is the contact before the stationing, the whole agency during the stationing, or the visit after the stationing, it provides the company with real benefits. Help.” Ningbo Henglong Gaoke Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise to settle in the Cultural and Creative Industry Park. General Manager Jiang Long told reporters recently that after experiencing Zhenhai’s “mother-style” service, he was more determined to stay. determination. As the core area of ​​the cultural and creative industry in our district, the University Science and Technology Park continuously improves the supporting services, expands the development space, and takes the opportunity of the opening of the Wenchuang Industrial Park to build agency services, investment financing, information publicity, talent services, student entrepreneurship and property services. Large service platform, attracting information services, animation games, film and television media, design services, software industry, art industry and other cultural enterprises continue to gather. "We are building a platform for service companies and extending and expanding our business. The ultimate goal is to help enterprises develop healthily and rapidly." The relevant person in charge of the park management committee said that the park draws on the experience of Shanghai Fudan Software Park for the company. The “Mom-style” service not only arranges special personnel to help the newly settled enterprises to complete the registration procedures free of charge, but also frequently visits to understand the needs of enterprises, publicize policies, and solve problems. "As long as the company has demand, even if it is time to rest, we are willing to help, so that the service company 'does not get off work.'" The person in charge of the Cooperation Development Division of the Park Management Committee said. This year, the park management committee also actively engaged in the line, and promoted the cooperation between Henglong Gaoke and the district equipment manufacturing industry cooperation alliance to jointly build the Zhenhai manufacturing network marketing platform. Like the company, due to favorable policies and quality services, more and more cultural and creative enterprises have moved from the field to the University Science Park. “Wen Chuang Enterprise has a large investment in the early stage and slow output, which requires strong financial support.” After recognizing this problem, the Park Management Committee introduced Hangzhou Bank to create a “technical professional branch” for service park enterprises. Eligible venture capital enterprises, through the park's review and recommendation, can obtain a benchmark interest rate loan of up to 4 million yuan. At present, many companies enjoy this favorable policy. "We insist on combining talent work with the promotion of cultural and creative industries, introducing talents through project introduction, and promoting personnel training through project operation." The relevant person in charge of the park management committee said that the park will build a talent service platform as a support for the cultural and creative industry. An important task of development, using the resources of surrounding universities to speed up cooperation in production, education and research. With the establishment of Wenchuang project, perfect supporting is one of the important tasks of the park management committee. “The cultural and creative industrial park has begun to take shape. The functions of multiple virtual or physical service platforms such as talents, investment and financing, and entrepreneurship need to be improved.” The person in charge said that the park will continue to optimize “mother-style” services, focusing on introducing quality projects and promoting The industry is developing in a balanced manner and accelerating the formation of a relatively complete industrial cluster.