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The Cultural Role behind Calligraphy——An Interview with Ningbo Cultural Star Huo Xuwen 2013-08-19


Huo Xuwen, a full-time calligraphy teacher at Luanchuan Central School, is one of the top ten cultural stars in Ningbo this year. The young man born in 1987 is not only the youngest member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association in Ningbo, but also the youngest of the top ten cultural stars in the city this year. His works have been frequently selected for the National Calligraphy Exhibition and won awards. What is the concept of the National Calligraphy Exhibition? Every time national exhibitions, calligraphy enthusiasts from all over the country submitted one or two thousand pieces of works, but only about 300 pieces. This probability is counted in Ningbo and is less in number. Therefore, the calligrapher is not proud of winning the national calligraphy competition award. How does this teacher, who looks more like an athlete, get out of this road of calligraphy? The picture shows Huo Xuwen's cursive couplet. Huo Xuwen is a Cixi native. When he was a teenager, because of his art class, the teacher’s good hand aroused his interest in learning calligraphy. After school, Huo Xuwen asked the family to take a few dollars and ran to buy the "Shenzhen Army Monument." A simple reason, a silent copybook, took him into the world of calligraphy. Huo Xuwen learns calligraphy and is so fascinated that he always uses time to use stitches. After school on weekdays, running on the bluestone board at the doorstep is the happiest time of the day. He wrote a pen and wrote a Yan Liu font. Accompanied by Huo’s long voice: “Don’t know if you eat?” This teenage child returned to the “god”. Today, when talking about this experience, Huo Xuwen still remembers it. In junior high school, my studies are tense. The class teacher suggested that he give up studying calligraphy and he accepted it. In a few days, Huo Xuwen’s “book addiction” was unbearable, so he rewritten. However, he turned the practice into "underground." After the night was quiet and the parents were asleep, Huo Xuwen was able to write. Later, he developed the habit of writing every day. The university is an important period for the study of the literary method of Huo Xu. He met Mr. Lin Bangde (Lin Bangde is now the vice chairman of the Ningbo Calligraphy Association and an associate professor at Ningbo University). Since then, he has started professional and systematic calligraphy learning, which has laid a solid foundation for future calligraphy creation. Foundation. Lin Bangde taught him: "To be a good person, you must have the law, the conservation, and the epiphany." The so-called law, there are correct laws; conservation, perseverance; epiphany, good calligraphers must have their own innovations and insights. Recalling the scene of practicing calligraphy in the past, Huo Xuwen said that the most impressive thing is that the practice room of the Fine Arts Department is a basement, and the wind in the winter corridor is “whistling” to blow the scalp. However, when Huo Xuwen raised his pen to practice calligraphy, he did not hear anything from the window. There was no air conditioning in the summer night, and I couldn't open the fan to blow the paper. So I changed the word into a sauna, and the mosquitoes were heard from time to time. After learning the calligraphy, Huo Xuwen gradually became a feature, and joined the Zhejiang Calligraphers Association during the university. After graduation, he joined the Chinese Calligraphers Association because of his repeated achievements in national, provincial and municipal exhibitions. “It’s very hard to write a good work, and each one is always the next draft.” Huo Xuwen said that he has been pursuing a curse and has been pursuing a line. This magical line has been dreamed by every calligrapher since ancient times. It has the priority, the dampness, the joys, the sorrows, and even the confusion. In the end, Dachao realized it and merged it with the pen. In 2008, he graduated from Huo Xuwen University and became a full-time calligraphy teacher at the Luanchuan Central School. He taught 17 classes of calligraphy classes and two calligraphy associations. Although he is busy, he is not tired. In Huo Xuwen's view, the happiest job in the world is to do what he likes, and pass the calligraphy through the children. Huo Xuwen's calligraphy teaching focuses on cultivating students' good habits and scientific methods. Children in the lower grades work hard to develop education. Whenever you go to the calligraphy room, the children must meet the "Class Treaty" compiled by Huo Xuwen before class. Then the bell rang in the class, and the sound of the cymbal was heard from the Keyi Building. "The stool is light and the person is away from the chair...". According to Huo Xuwen, since the school was founded, it has attached great importance to the construction of school culture and the construction of associations. Therefore, Huo Xuwen carefully selected the seedlings and cultivated the top. Calligraphy is a "slowly mature" art category, but in just five years, many children have achieved gratifying results: the first, second and third prizes of the 16th National Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Competition, the fourth Zhejiang Province Standardize the Chinese character writing contest, the third prize of the soft pen in Ningbo. The seeds of calligraphy take root and sprout in the hearts of children. When asked about the biggest gains of Huo Xuwen in the calligraphy teaching position, he replied: "There are one-half of the foreign students in the school. It seems that it is difficult for the teaching of calligraphy to be carried out. It is actually a good thing because the school is for these foreigners. The children of migrant workers have provided good learning opportunities and platforms. I use this platform to spread the calligraphy culture. They are studying in Zhenhai today and may return to their hometown tomorrow. They are carrying calligraphy seeds and drifting to the world. These children are calligraphy culture. Inheritors and inheritors, I think this is the biggest gain for me as a teacher.” While Huo Xuwen entered the school, he was also admitted to the Zhenhai District Calligraphers Association and later elected as the vice chairman of Zhenhai District Calligraphers Association, Ningbo City. Deputy Secretary-General of the Academic Education Committee of the Calligraphers Association, whose main job is to serve members and promote creation. In order to let the members of the District Book Association produce works and produce fine works, Huo Xuwen has developed a detailed plan and regularly carries out a calligraphy salon every month. Members gather together to exchange ideas, and everyone will discuss and discuss from the aspects of the content of the works, pen and ink techniques, and form composition. Especially before the provincial and national calligraphy competitions, the association often organizes creative processing meetings to improve the level of member creation. The book association also often carries out a series of service activities such as calligraphy into the community and writing Spring Festival couplets on the spot. At present, the District Calligraphers Association has a total of 50 members, and the salon activities have created a good creative atmosphere and formed a synergy of creation. Many member works have been selected for national, provincial and municipal exhibitions and won awards. Huo Xuwen said that he hopes to serve members and associations through his own efforts and contribute to the prosperity of Zhenhai calligraphy. Huo Xuwen is a persistent person and a pure person. He walks very purely on the road of calligraphy. He said: "Selecting a cultural star is not only a personal fortune, but also a fortune for calligraphy. As a calligrapher, you must have a cultural responsibility while writing good words, and be a successor, inheritor, and service provider of calligraphy. ""