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Promote Chinese culture and let go of beautiful dreams 2013-08-20


Yesterday, the first Ningbo Young Talents Talents "Future Star" Awards Gala was held on Ningbo TV. The picture shows the "Star of the Future" on the stage to receive the award. The picture shows the "Star of the Future" on the stage to show talent. Exciting literary works, exquisite calligraphy, operas full of traditional culture, touching dances and singing voices... Yesterday, the reporter witnessed the children’s presentations at the first Ningbo Young Talents Talents Future Star Awards Gala. The program of their own dreams, the strong young people are strong in China. Through the platform of “Star of the Future”, Ningbo youths can promote Chinese culture, inherit the national spirit and show their dreams through their artistic creation and performance. The first “National Star” selection campaign for young talents in Ningbo City was jointly sponsored by the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau, the Communist Youth League Committee and the Municipal Work Committee. Since its launch at the end of May this year, it has received extensive response from all over the city. After selection by relevant units in 11 counties (cities), 86 players from 21 categories entered the re-evaluation. On the morning of August 6, the organizing committee organized more than 20 experts from various art categories to conduct a serious re-evaluation, and 40 of them were finalists. On the afternoon of August 14th and 15th, the winners of literature, calligraphy, art and instrumental music, opera, dance and vocal music were decided through two finals. The first batch of "Stars of the Future" in our city are Shen Yu, Hu Yaoqi, Zhou Yue, Wang Yixin, Yan Yu, Xu Shuning, Zhu Aiwei, Gu Jibo, Li Mengfan, Chen Nuo, Yu Qiqi, Tong Yu, Pan Jingan, Zhang Tiemai, Chen Yuxin, Zhang Runxin, Zhu Hongze Liang Yizhen, Li Jiajia, Zhou Xinran. During the performances at the awards ceremony, the reporters found that the children participating in the competition were young, but their literary standards were impressive. Many judges praised the children as "the reserve power of the juvenile literary army." In recent years, all localities in the city have paid attention to and promoted the quality education of minors. Many excellent traditional cultures have been well-received among the children. For example, the drama of the small contestant Li Mengfan’s "Yao Jiang is long and long", sang Yao's unique delicate and gentle style and spirit. It is understood that in recent years, Jiangbei, Zhangzhou, Yuyao and other places have set up a base for the Peking Opera, Yue Opera, Yu Opera and Yao Opera in the school, and cultivated many small fans and ticket friends. Literature, calligraphy, art and instrumental music, dance, and vocal music projects have also taken root in more and more schools and communities. Many primary and secondary schools have opened literary and artistic associations, and the city’s youth literary and artistic activities have been carried out with great enthusiasm. At yesterday's awards ceremony, the song singer and painting and calligraphy show performed by the small players Gong Yi, Pan Jing, and Zhang Tiemai won a round of applause. At the awards evening party yesterday, outstanding teachers and outstanding organizational units such as Hu Xianhua and Shi Junhai were also commended.