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I like the traditional folk customs that focus on the people’s stories. 2013-08-20


Last week, one of the 4th "Alainbo Photography Festival" warm-up activities and the "Jiangdong People's Eyes in the Eyes of Foreigners" were quietly carried out in various communities in Jiangdong. Two foreign photographers Peter and Seth, who were invited to visit, visited 17 representative Jiangdong people in a week and filmed people's daily lives. In their shots, the traditional and folk-like objects of the dragon and phoenix gold group, tiger head shoes, lanterns, and root carvings are particularly delicate and beautiful. Yu Aibao and Hutou Shoes Ma Jing tells about his history. The work of Seth is a photographer and multimedia producer from Washington, USA. He has traveled all over Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and other countries. He is particularly passionate about street photography. He is currently China Radio International. reporter. At the 87-year-old grandmother Yu Aibao's grandmother, he had a strong interest in eyes, beards, and mouths. Yu Aibao's grandmother has a pair of skillful hands and has been doing tiger head shoes for 60 years. Starting from looking at the pattern, cutting, stitching, and pulling the edges, Yu Grandma showed the curiosity of Seth a pair of tiger head shoes, and Seth took a quiet shot. According to Yin Yin, a volunteer from Ningda who accompanied the whole process, before each shooting, Seth would know about the situation of this family in advance. For example, before going to the sweater of Han Cuiju’s wife, he would ask “The sweater is finished. How to send it out, who will help her send out" and so on. Another photographer, Peter Carney, is a multimedia teacher from the UK, majoring in photojournalism and documentary photography. He is Zhao Zhaohai’s "Zhao Da You Long Feng Jin Tuan", and Zhang Zhenfa’s root carving, Xu Henian’s lantern They are all very interested. These traditional handicrafts may have extraordinary charm for "foreigners". Peter Carney doesn't just like to record folk customs. In the old revolutionary Ma Jing couple's house, he was particularly excited when he saw the badge. Mr. Ma Jing was born in 1928. He participated in the revolution in 1943. He experienced the War of Resistance Against Japan, the War of Liberation, and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid. The family retained a large number of medals, medals and certificates. "A lot of photos were taken in a row." Ma and his wife told Peter a lot of past events. Speaking of Peter, Ma Lao said, "He took great care and seemed to be recording a piece of history." Peter stayed in Ningbo for the longest time. It is Nie Yan studio. Nie Yan, who loves to dance, is very famous in Minglou Street. Many retired old aunts like to find her to learn to dance. In her studio, she is full of all kinds of costumes and props. Most of these costumes are designed by Nie Yan and bought by herself. Peter’s arrival made Mr. Nie feel very happy. He spent nearly an hour talking about Peter’s situation in his studio and many experiences in organizing the performance, which made Peter amazed. "Peter and Seth are mainly multimedia." Jiang Dongwen, secretary-general of Jiangdong Federation, said after reading their works, "They generally pay attention to details and stories, and they are very emotional and delicate." It is reported that these photos It will be on display at the 4th Alainbo Photography Festival, which opened on the evening of August 23.