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Chinese and Austrian folk artist Ningbo competes in Taiwan 2013-08-21


Gorgeous costumes, bright singing, cheerful dance... Yesterday, the Austrian Salzburg folk song choir from Mozart’s hometown and the literary enthusiasts of Haishu District took turns to compete on the same stage, and they had a unique international culture. communicate with. It is understood that this cultural exchange event was organized by the Cultural Department of Haishu District and the Ningbo Grand Theatre. It introduced foreign folk art teams through the Ningbo Grand Theatre and conducted in-depth exchanges with local folk art groups and artists in Ningbo. The reporter saw at the performance site that nearly 100 local folk art lovers such as Baiyun Street Lark Bird Choir, Oriental Baby Children's Orchestra, Tongxin Folk Orchestra and Yuehu “Good Day” Art Troupe participated in the exchange activities. The Lark choir from the Baiyun Baizhuang community, “A beautiful jasmine flower, full of fragrant and beautiful branches...” They won the applause of the members of the Salzburg folk song choir. Zhang Ningsheng, head of the Lark Bird Choir, said: "We are a community choir that has not had professional training. We hope to have a face-to-face exchange with a top-notch chorus team abroad, and learn about their chorus skills and learn from their experiences." Ms. Burgi Voetterl, head of the Folk Song Choir, learned that the average age of the community choir was 65 years old. When the songs were all self-taught, they couldn’t help but scream: “They are very passionate and they are old. But the song is very young and very good!” Haishu’s folk art lovers also performed the lyrics, erhu solo and guzheng solo with Chinese traditional culture, which won the sincere applause of Austrian artists. The performance of the Salzburg folk song choir in Austria is more professional. This 60-year-old folk song choir is one of the best folk choirs in Austria. Although it is a folk choir, it has participated in many international chorus festivals. Yesterday, the choir used the large chorus to perform Yodel singing and showed how to use the diversified style to adapt the artistic skills of traditional folk songs. They sang "Beautiful Girl, I Love You", "I am from Austria", "Hunter Dance" and many other folk songs with Austrian characteristics make Ningbo folk art lovers full of praise. It is understood that the cultural department of Haishu District and the Ningbo Grand Theatre will carry out more similar international folk art exchange activities in the future.