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Li Qingping and Inoue’s works were put together at the Ningbo Art Museum. 2013-08-22


“Beginning in Qingping, not only in the well”—Li Qingping and Inoue had a joint art exhibition held at the Ningbo Art Museum yesterday. The two painters are the pioneers of modern art in China and Japan, both of whom have passed away for many years. Female painter Li Qingping was born in 1911 and was praised by masters such as Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and Liu Haisu. She is good at projecting emotions into the creation of paintings, using abstract oil paintings to express her grief for suffering and "life consciousness" with distinct personality. In the 1980s, he returned to the art world and became famous. Inoue has a heavyweight in the 20th century Japanese book world. For the rest of his life, he does not accept students, does not sell works, does not participate in exhibitions, and the growth of self-certified artists is entirely a personal matter. In his works, the whole picture often has only one word, and the font is thick and large, focusing on the posture of this word. At the opening ceremony, the famous Japanese art critic Yachen said that the two artists did not know each other before, but they had a similar life course. They were poor in life, sad and bitter, and the works were abstract. "They are good at making local food. Adding to his own paintings reflects his attitude towards the life of the universe.” Chinese curator Chen Qi said that the two artists’ works are placed in the same exhibition to promote the deeper level between the artists and critics of the two countries. Communication.