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City Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau and Ningbo University fully cooperate 2013-08-24


Recently, the Municipal Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau signed a comprehensive memorandum of cooperation with Ningbo University. In the next few years, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on the ten aspects of the goal of jointly promoting the development and utilization of talents, accelerating the construction of a strong cultural city, and serving local economic and social development. It is understood that the cooperation projects of the two sides include jointly carrying out academic education, cultivating cultural talents, upgrading the level of cultural talents, jointly organizing vocational training, improving the knowledge structure of cultural talents; jointly carrying out post-job training, and selecting outstanding young cadres and teachers from Ningbo University to the city. Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau organs or bureaus are on-the-job training; jointly cultivate cultural talents, Ningda hires cultural department experts to serve as part-time professors or master tutors, and establishes student practice bases in Ningda Art College in Ningbo Performing Arts Group and other units; jointly build Ningbo The Municipal Animation and Game Industry Development Promotion Research Center promotes the development of the city's animation and game industry; jointly builds the Ningbo Newspaper and Periodical Evaluation Center, builds a newspaper and magazine evaluation system, regularly publishes newspaper and magazine evaluation reports; and jointly builds the Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Research Center to conduct non-legacy Case study of the project; joint research and application of the project, serving the construction of the Ningbo Cultural City; joint development of cultural services and major music events, joint efforts to create the Ningbo International Arts Festival and the domestic first-class Hu Xiaoping Ping Opera Center ; Jointly organized regular cooperation and exchange matchmaking, to promote the effectiveness and standardization cooperation. This year, the two sides will start cooperation projects such as on-the-job training, project declaration, and industrial research.