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Millennium Baoguo Temple Ancient Building Protection Model 2013-08-24


“Millennium Baoguo Temple was created by the previous generation. For the sake of future generations, it is the most important duty of our generation to protect it!” Yesterday, the Baoguo Temple Hall was completed for the 1000th Anniversary Academic Conference and the Architectural Society of China Architecture Society 2013 The annual meeting was held in our city, and experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered to provide suggestions for the next millennium protection of Baoguo Temple. Over the years, Fu Qingyuan, vice president of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society, has been paying attention to the protection of Baoguo Temple. "With the support of the local government of Ningbo, the relevant parties have combined the research results of cultural relics with the work of protection, and through the development of French research and value. The research and the close integration with protection have important significance.” Fu Qingyuan said: “Paulao Temple is an outstanding representative and leader of ancient Chinese architecture. The protection of Baoguo Temple has served as a demonstration in the protection of ancient buildings in China. "The role!" Sato Yasheng is a world cultural heritage - the researcher of the Institute of Cultural Relics of the Yuanxing Temple in Japan. He visited the Baoguo Temple four times and said: "Pauluo Temple is the best preserved wooden ancient I have ever seen. Architecture, every component is still so refined after thousands of years, and it deserves to be the cultural heritage of China and the world.” Sato has visited many ancient buildings around the world. He said that every country is trying to protect the ancients with appropriate methods suitable for the local country. Architecture, "Ningbo's Baoguo Temple is also used as a number of new technical means, these new technologies, in the 1400-year-old Yuanxing Temple The protection can also be used for reference.” “Paulao Temple is not ours. It is first of all the cultural relics created by the previous generations, and it is also the valuable wealth of future generations. It is our contemporary duty to guard it!” said Wang Guixiang, a professor at the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University. "Baoguo Temple has stood for 1000 years, and it can be protected for another 1000 years." Wang Guixiang rationally pointed out: "The Baoguo Temple is located in the wet south of the Yangtze River, and it is also a wooden structure. The road to protect it is still very difficult."