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Baoguo Temple Hall is full of thousand years old 2013-08-26


The "1000th Anniversary of Baoguo Temple Hall", jointly organized by the Chinese Architectural Society, the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, and the Ningbo Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau, was held in Ningbo on the 24th. More than 100 domestic and overseas architectural heritage protection and historical research Experts and scholars gathered in Yucheng to discuss the protection of Baoguo Temple in the form of high-end academic dialogue. The Baoguo Temple Hall in Ningbo was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Dazhong Xiangfu for six years (AD 1013). It is like an elder. With tenacious perseverance, it is difficult to walk through the rainy and humid typhoon, typhoon and termites in the south of the Yangtze River. 1000 wind and rain spring and autumn, created a miracle in the history of Chinese ancient architecture, and became one of the few remaining preserved Tang and Song architectures in Jiangnan. Chitose’s joy, the world’s attention, the cultural and art circles will carry out activities to commemorate the “longevity star” of this ancient Chinese construction. The protection of Baoguo Temple has applied a lot of new technical means. The more difficult it is, the harder the journey of Baoguo Temple will be. The "Chitose Elders" will continue and will usher in the best period of protection in history. Fu Qingyuan, vice president of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society, said that as long as the roof does not leak, the ground is not sinking, and the maintenance is strengthened, it will not be a problem for Baoguo Temple to continue for another 1000 years.