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In the past three years, more than 2,000 companies have donated more than 60 million yuan. 2013-08-26


The Kendun Street Cultural Station in Cixi City recently formed a drum performance team, and the 25 gongs and drums, dozens of costumes and performances of the performances purchased by the performance team were sponsored by local entrepreneur Huo Yunjun. Like Huo Yunjun, entrepreneurs participating in rural cultural undertakings have become a beautiful scenery in our city. Starting from personal interests and hobbies, it is an important entry point for entrepreneurs to donate money to rural public cultural undertakings. It is understood that Cixi City Federation of Literary and Sports and Sports Association has established grassroots chapters and related associations in various towns (streets) in the city. The backbone of the association is mostly private entrepreneurs. Hu Senquan, vice president of the City Chess Association, twice won the "Cixi Chess Masters" championship. Every year, he will contribute 250,000 to 300,000 yuan to hold the Chess Open, attracting national chess masters to participate, so that ordinary people can play at home and chess. Masters learn chess. Feng Tianyuan, an entrepreneur of Changsheng City Village, Zhouxiang Town, which was called “Drama” by Shao Opera, funded more than 300,000 yuan of cultural activities in the village, and promoted the development of cultural activities in the village with his own drama hobbies. Tianyuan Cup "Drama Grand Prix, "Daixing Cup" amateur Shaoping Singing Grand Prix. Entrepreneur's leadership of rural cultural and sports activities has created a harmonious and harmonious society. Ningbo Gangci Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. signed a village-enterprise pairing agreement with Yaotang Village of Xinpu Town. After the pairing, the general manager Fei Jianding provided a 5 second-floor private house as a cultural palace for free, and invested 400,000 yuan in the Cultural Palace. Renovate and repair the surrounding river pools and roads. Today, the Palace of Culture has become a good place for the villagers to have a meal after dinner. The villagers said that they have raised their thumbs on Fei Jianding. “Committed to the rural public welfare cultural activities has become a new choice and new fashion for the entrepreneurs in our city to return to the society and return to their hometowns.” The relevant person in charge of Cixi City Wenguang Bureau said that the former rural rich people were “built bridge paving gantry, electricity With the development of Cixi's economy, most of the rural areas began to become rich, but spiritual and cultural life is still poor. Therefore, the way entrepreneurs return to society began to turn to the spiritual and cultural life. So far, more than 2,000 private enterprises in the city have funded rural cultural undertakings in various forms, and donated more than 60 million yuan in three years; the annual cost of more than 600 new Chinese social dramas in the city is sponsored by local entrepreneurs. . It is reported that in accordance with the requirements of public welfare, basicity, equality and convenience, in the future, the city will also guide and encourage social forces to regulate and orderly participate in public cultural services, forming a government-led, public welfare cultural institutions as the backbone. With the support of social forces, the whole society pays close attention to, supports and participates in the good situation of the construction of public cultural service system.